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Live Flickr Comment Importer 1.7.1
File ID: 93226

Live Flickr Comment Importer 1.7.1
Download Live Flickr Comment Importer 1.7.1http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 92.2 KB
Downloads: 2
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Live Flickr Comment Importer 1.7.1 Description
Description: This plugin uses Flickr API to import comments from you Flickr photostream photos to a post of your choice in your WordPress Blog. It additionally imports the Flickr Avatar Icons and displays them as appropriate.

The Live Flickr Comment Importer Plugin features

* Uses the Flickr API via the excellent phpFlickr class
* Can automatically detect Flickr photos embedded in the post.
* Can also use a custom field in the post to import comments thus your
* Photos and posts need not have the same title
* Comments on multiple photos can be imported in a single post
* Also imports the flickr user icons / avatars
* The comments are imported whenever anyone sees a post where comments are to be imported
* Allows import of even the old comments
* Can cache the results of flickr API
* Show thumbnails in comments
* Allow disallow HTML in comments
* Exclude certain pictures using custom field

Installation :

Upload the folder d-de?live-flickr-comment-importerd-deOao into your to the d-de?/wp-content/plugins/d-deOao folder

1. Activate the plugin through the d-de?Pluginsd-deOao menu in WordPress
2. To configure plugin options start by clicking on d-de?Configuration Paged-deOao link near plugin name or d-de?Settingsd-deOao -> d-de?Live Flickr Comment Importerd-deOao navigation link.
3. You will have to enter and your flickr API key for this plugin to work. Flickr API key can be got from
4. For caching of Flickr API results and thus in turn a better performance ensure that your plugin directory must be writable by webserver.
5. Follow the instructions given on the configuration page on how to import comments into a post

License: Freeware

Related: flickr, Comments, Plugin, Import, imported, Photos, Folder, Custom, results, Comment, Wordpress, imports, Configure, Options, Start, clicking, Pictures

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 92.2 KB

Downloads: 2

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* Most calls to the Flickr API are done on the client side - so there is minimal additional load or delay on the server.
* If your photo has geo-location...

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