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Logic Game 1.0
File ID: 85843

Logic Game 1.0
Download Logic Game 1.0 Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 132
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Logic Game 1.0 Description
Description: Steps to follow
Though i think it is self-explanatory,read if u don't get it
-Execute game.m
-Choose to be first or second player
-Make the other computer(by clicking on the pushbutton saying human) or play with your friend
-for computer player select level by hitting the button
-hit start button
-play and enjoy:)
-You can toggle between human and computer at any time you it during gameplay or in the beginning

Rules to play:
-In their respective turns,each player will choose a cell to drop ur 'token ball' in it(by clicking in a cell).If the other player is computer,it will do its job automatically.
-the selected cell cannot be already occupied by opponent's token ball.
-when a cell has sufficient no of balls such that atleast one ball will shoot in every available direction,the balls will evacuate this cell and move in all available directions.Let's call this event 'explosion'.
-in an event of explosion,the balls released will occupy the cell they travel to.
-in case the cell where a ball has come due to explosion of an adjacent cell already contains tokens of the opponent ,these tokens will get mutated to the type of ball coming in due to explosion.
-If a cell receives more number of balls than required for explosion,the extra balls will be lost

to destroy all of the opponent's token balls.
-After a player wins in a long game,wait for about 5 seconds to watch spectacular 'crazy dancing balls' all around.
-Change between human and computer player in between the game to get interesting results.
-Make both players computer and watch!
-Please send in suggestions to add more functionality
-Please let me know the name of this game if someone comes to know about it!
I found this game in a nokia mobile and tried to expand upon the concept.Though there is a wide area of possibilities ,I'll try to cover as much as I can and depending upon the response I get from the community.
Please rate,comment and post suggestions to improve upon my work.I'll try my best to update my work as per your suggestions.
Please feel free to ask if u don't get the rules of the game or if there's a doubt.Though I'm not getting any errors as per now,I request u to please report if u find any.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enjoy :)

License: Shareware

Related: Watch, spectacular, seconds, ballstipsafter, gamewait, crazy, dancing, players, watchplease, resultsmake, interesting, balls, aroundchange, Destroy, lostaimto, Tokens, opponent, adjacent

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 132

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