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Magento for Shopping Carts
File ID: 91375

Magento for Shopping Carts
Download Magento for Shopping Carts Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 16.5 MB
Downloads: 68
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Magento for Shopping Carts Description
Description: It can create advanced stores in a few clicks, allowing the user to spend time on entering products, instead of customizing HTML code.

Not everyone in the company should have access to every facet of your store. That's why Magento features an easy-to-use Permissions Editor. Create users for all your employees then assign them to groups, eg. "Full Admin", "Customer Service", "Warehouse".

Creating a group allows to fully customize the access it provides, keeping permissions organized with a few simple clicks.

Here are some key features of "Magento":

Search Engine Friendly URLs:
dlTE Create search-engine friendly URLs (like that make it easier for search engine crawlers to index the website, which ultimately drive more organic search visitors.

dlTE With each new catalog page (product, category, even a static or dynamic page) the user will be able to define meta tags: page title, description, and keywords.

E-mail Notifications:
dlTE Magento will makes it easy to get notifications to customers. Customize email templates for a variety of notifications in both HTML and plain text. Examples of e-mails include new customer notifications, order confirmation, order update, lost password, etc.

Customers will have the ability to:
dlTE Find products to compare by clicking "Compare" on the products to add them to the Compare Box as they browse.
dlTE From the Compare Box, a "Compare These" button brings up the product comparison chart.
dlTE View, print and email a comparison chart, showing all of the selected products' comparable attributes and how they stack up against one another.
dlTE Layered Navigation allows customers to filter products in a category using different product attributes. Customers can filter down a large number of items to fit their price range, size, etc., allowing them to find the right products quickly and easily.

On each product page:
dlTE Add-a-Tag: Allow logged-in users to add a tag to the product's description.
dlTE Tag Cloud: The tag cloud will display all tags associated to the product. Clicking on a tag will bring up a product listing page with all other products that share the same tag.
The Shopping Cart will be composed of the following:

The products list, which will list the products currently in the cart along with the following information about each:
dlTE Product Thumbnail
dlTE Product Name
dlTE Unit Price
dlTE Quantity (editable)
dlTE Total (per product)
dlTE Remove Button
dlTE Update Button

The totals section, which will show the following applicable totals without having to go through checkout:
dlTE Subtotal
dlTE Tax (if applicable)
dlTE Discounts (if applicable)
dlTE Grand Total (what the customer owes)
dlTE Estimated Shipping, where a customer can enter a zip code and get a shipping quote
dlTE The discount field, where a customer can enter a coupon code

Sales Report:
dlTE A detailed overview of number of orders, items sold, revenue, shipping charged, discounts applied, taxes collected, etc.

Shopping Cart Report:
dlTE This shows a per product breakdown of how often products have been added to cart, conversion rate, etc. An additional view shows a breakdown of customers and number of items in their saved shopping carts.

Wishlist Report:
dlTE A per product breakdown of popularity in wishlist, number of times purchased from wishlist, percentage of wish lists purchases vs. regular purchases, etc.

Reviews Report:
dlTE The reviews report will show the most active customer reviewers, most frequently reviewed products. Store owners can also view all reviews written by individual customers, or all reviews applied to individual products.

Tags Report:
dlTE The tags report will show the most active taggers, and most frequently tagged products. Store owners can also view all tags added by individual customers, or all tags added to individual products. The report will also show most popular tags, regardless of product.

Search Report:
dlTE Will show most popular search terms, or search terms with the highest number of results.

dlTE With Magento's Content Management System (CMS), the user will be able to create an unlimited number of static pages and landing pages using HTML. When creating a page, the user can define the following: Page Title: Define the title of the page.
dlTE Meta Data: Define meta data like meta description, meta keywords etc.
dlTE URL: Define the page URL (

dlTE Batch Import/Export
dlTE With Batch Import/Export, the user can easily manage the catalog without having to edit within the admin. Instead, export the data (can customize exactly what data to export), edit it (add or modify items), and then import it back to see the changes in the catalog.

License: Freeware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 16.5 MB

Downloads: 68

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