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Magnolia Content Management 4.2.3
File ID: 76814

Magnolia Content Management 4.2.3
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License: Freeware
File Size: 70.6 MB
Downloads: 48
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Magnolia Content Management 4.2.3 Description
Description: Magnolia CMS 4.2 focuses on advanced data handling and improved integration of external data sources. In addition, a comprehensive update to Magnoliad-deOaos Standard Templating Kit (STK) gives developers a more sophisticated set of building blocks for the rapid development of feature rich websites and online applications.

# nnovation speed up: The new release dramatically simplifies integration with CRM, HR, ERP enterprise systems for the development of new online applications.
# Increased competitiveness: Consolidation of heterogeneous data within Magnolia CMS for the Web makes it possible to provide the right information at the right time at the right place.
# Investment security: Magnolia 4.2 lowers the barriers to entry for editors, developers and administrators, which will translate into better content provision and higher user retention.

Hierarchical data types

The data module now supports hierarchical data types, allowing Magnolia to accurately represent complex, multifaceted data sets such as CRM information, personnel data from HR systems or product data from an ERP system.

In addition, hierarchies can be easily defined and updated via the front-end user interface to ensure that new data entered through Magnolia is well structured and organized.

Code highlighting and line numbering

Magnolia 4.2 assists administrators and designers when editing templates with code highlighting and line numbering.

WebDAV support for template editing

Magnolia 4.2 also includes the implementation of the new WebDAV interface. This provides an easy entry path for users to create, edit and manage templates on the Magnolia server as though they were residing on their local file system, and eliminates the need for any Java or system-specific knowledge when creating templates.

More New Features

* Data Importer: The data importation tool combined with hierarchical data support also means that Magnolia can now be used as a form of sophisticated, web-based cache for importing data into enterprise systems. Once brought into the system, external data can be indexed, cached, manipulated and then accessed via the JSR-170 standard or Magnolia-APId-deOaos.
* Standard Templating Kit 1.2: Magnolia 4.2 includes the version 1.2 Standard Templating Kit (STK), Magnoliad-deOaos basic building blocks that allow developers to build new sites quickly and efficiently without starting from scratch. STK v1.2 delivers significant improvements regarding accessibility and search engine optimization, as well as a host of minor usability improvements.

* Public User Registration: the Public User Registration Module (PUR), Magnolia's basis for User Generated Content, has been integrated directly with the Templating Kit to enable out-of-the-box creation of new registration forms at any point in a site.
* Simpler module maintenance: Magnolia has also developed its own node-builder as an improvement on the standard JSR-170 API. This simplifies module creation and maintenance in Magnolia, ultimately resulting in a better, more user-friendly product. The new API can be used to bootstrap or update modules, and significantly reduces the effort and complexity of defining content created in this way. It also simplifies manipulation of content through Groovy scripts.

License: Freeware

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O/S:Windows 7, WinXP

File Size: 70.6 MB

Downloads: 48

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