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Mass Page Maker 2.6.6
File ID: 92591

Mass Page Maker 2.6.6
Download Mass Page Maker 2.6.6http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 19
User Rating:1 Stars  (1 rating)
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Mass Page Maker 2.6.6 Description
Description: From a simple admin panel, Mass Page Maker makes it easy to create multiple pages or posts. This is dramatically faster than doing it manually. In most cases, 100 posts/pages can be added in less than one second. Options are available to customize every aspect of the page, and using a comma separated value file makes it even more flexible.

Currently tested successfully with the latest version of Wordpress, 2.8.6. If you have trouble with earlier versions, or even have it work properly, please email me or comment on the page.

Users can use .CSV (comma separated values) files to insert a large number of posts with 1 single text file, and have complete customization over the process.

For a complete list of the changes from each version, please visit the plugin changelog.

For examples and tips on using the plugin, please check the examples on the plugin homepage.

Be sure to check out my other plugins at my Wordpress profile.

1. After activating the plugin, navigate to the admin panel interface, where the options can be entered to insert the required number of pages or posts.
2. Page titles can be different. Separate the page names by semicolons and if more pages are requested than are written, the last known title is duplicated.
3. Page excerpts and content can be added, with individual pages containing their own data by separating the pages with <!-- MPM -->.
4. Enter the post date according to your WP timezone; adjustments are made automatically.
5. To use a CSV file, simply select the file from the dialog box. This file takes priority over any data entered in the text fields. Be sure to compare the CSV with the sample file on the plugin website.
6. Post dates that are in the future will automatically be entered into the cron queue to be published when the chosen time arrives.
7. To insert custom fields, separate the fields with semicolons. All new posts are given each custom field.
8. Use the placeholders [blog_title], [blog_description] or [blog_url] inside the page title, content or excerpt field to add standard data.
9. Tags can be added in the proper field. They do not need to exist already, as the plugin will create them automatically if they do not exist.


This plugin is extremely powerful. Be sure to proofread the options or CSV file before submitting it. Should you add more pages than you wanted, be sure to check out my other Admin plugin, Mass Page Remover.

License: Freeware

Related: Plugin, Pages, posts, Check, Field, entered, added, Automatically, fields, Insert, title, separated, Version, Wordpress, comma, Options, semicolons, Examples, Scripts, Page

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 19

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