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Mat Nanny v1.0 - RSS and html progress reports 1.0
File ID: 80990

Mat Nanny v1.0 - RSS and html progress reports 1.0
Download Mat Nanny v1.0 - RSS and html progress reports 1.0http://www.mathworks.comReport Error Link
License: Freeware
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Mat Nanny v1.0 - RSS and html progress reports 1.0 Description
Description: MatNanny is a simple function which publishes a data structure as html and an RSS feed when called. This allows for convenient remote checking on the progress of models or other computations which have been left running while away from the office. I recommend using free webspace on as there is no sign up required and the no-fuss ftp update process works very fast. The username and password in the demo provided are real and are free for your use while evaluating this software. This may not work correctly if more than one person is trying this out simultaneously as xthost doesn't like simultaneous ftp connections from the same username, but it only takes 2 seconds to make your own account.

The function takes 2 input structures. The webStruct structure must contain all of the fields provided in the demo below. This structure is used to hold data about the hosting service which you are using. The second structure, dataStruct, can contain anything which you want to appear online for your own checking.


webStruct.process = 'Dinosaur_Marmot_Reconstruction_Model';
webStruct.description = 'Foo procees for demo only';
webStruct.timeZone = 'GMT';
webStruct.webAddy = '';
webStruct.hostAddy = '';
webStruct.uName = 'matlabprocess';
webStruct.pwd = 'rRHbTX';

dataStruct.percentComplete = 54;
dataStruct.bigData = 1:100;
dataStruct.genetic = 12.45346;
dataStruct.probabilityOfMarmot = rand;
dataStruct.ghosting = 'OK';
dataStruct.thing = 'RaRaRa';


The script above will recreate the webpage shown in the screenshot

License: Freeware

Related: datastruct, Service, Online, foo, checkingusagewebstructprocess, Hosting, Input, accountthe, seconds, Structures, webstruct, fields, procees

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 1

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