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Must Read Posts 2.0.1
File ID: 95377

Must Read Posts 2.0.1
Download Must Read Posts 2.0.1http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
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Downloads: 1
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Must Read Posts 2.0.1 Description
Description: Retrieves posts (or pages) with a certain custom field (e.g. to permanently show your most recommended posts in a widget) and displays them in a list. The plugin uses a custom field named must-read if it exists in a post or a page. If the field exists in a page or post and has the value true, the post automatically will be shown in the widget.
What's new

Added: Several sorting options added, check out the widget configuration area.
Use it as a Widget

If your theme supports widgets, simply drag it to your sidebar. You can specify the maximum number of posts to be shown in the widget. You can also change the widget's title to something like "Most recommended posts", "FAQ", "Read first" or whatever you like.
Use it in a .php page

Just put <?php get_mustread(); ?> in your template. You could even use it within your posts or pages using the Exec-PHP plugin that allows you to put php code fragments directly into the text. This allows you to create a static page or a post showing your most recommended posts. The get_mustread function takes 4 optional arguments: title, maximum number of posts to be shown, name of the custom tag, sort order. Optional means you don't have to specify any parameters if you don't need to.
Marking a post or page to be included

If you're using the plugin for the first time, click "Add new custom field" to add the field name must-read and insert true in the value field of the page or post you want to be shown in the new widget. Once you want to display an additional post in the widget, just select it from the custom field drop-down box and insert "true" in the value field. If you don't want the custom field to be named must-read you can also change it to something else. The custom field value always has to start with true for the page or post to appear in the list.
Custom sort order

The plugin features several self explanatory sorting options. You can also specify a custom sort order. Just add a semi-colon and a sort-number after true in the custom value field. The field value for your 1st post would be true;01 and the 2nd field would like true;02 and so on. This gives you full flexibility over the positioning of your posts or pages in the Must-Read-Posts list. If you mix sorted and unsorted posts or pages, the ones with no number will be sorted first. If you have a bunch of posts or pages that you just want to sort at the end use something like true;99 on all of them to move them at the end of the sort order.
Remove a post or page from the Must-ReadPosts list

To remove a post or page from the Must-Read-Posts list set the custom-field-value to false or remove the custom-field from the post or pages.

License: Freeware

Related: Field, posts, Custom, Pages, Widget, shown, Plugin, Number, don, mustread, recommended, mustreadposts, title, Change, maximum, sorted, Remove, Scripts, Read, read posts

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 1

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