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Nice Ajax Poll 1.4
File ID: 96928

Nice Ajax Poll 1.4
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License: Freeware
File Size: 20.5 KB
Downloads: 20
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Nice Ajax Poll 1.4 Description
Description: Always wanted to have on your site nice module for interviews. Of those modules that are now in suitable for myself, I never found. Therefore, I decided to write a module that could easily be used instead of the standard module. What, exactly, I did.

Nice Ajax Poll module replaces standard module Joomla! poll. To create the effects I use my favorite js framework Jquery. In the parameters of the plugin you can disable the loading of this library, if you're already using it on your site. Also in the plugin parameters to select a survey that will be used in the display module.

The module I have tested in all browsers except ie6 (it I just did not have). Also, most likely using the module you need to customize the stylesheet. You can do this by opening the module file default.php just in case quote the full path to the modules modules mod_nicepoll tmpl default.php

Nice Ajax Poll Nice Ajax Poll niceaj4 Nice Ajax Poll

See an example of the module can be on my site. Tab called Nice Ajax Poll (you can click and evaluate the work).

Options Module

* Select a poll - a choice of two templates to print poll.
* Bandwidth - you can use to regulate the width of the module.
* The time between the vote - is taken from the settings plug.
* The output of a random survey (if not selected survey shows random).

Challenges Ahead

* Make Nice Ajax Poll possible to work with Jomfish.
* Ability to use multiple modules on one page.
* Saving data on voting by IP or userID.


* English
* Russian
* Czech - Ondrej Machulda

Frequently asked questions and answers on the work of the module Nice Ajax Poll

Q: This module conflicts with other modules and is not working properly. Why?

A: Probably just a conflict of libraries. Unplug please load the Jquery in plagin settings.

Q: Why my poll results are displayed set of characters (Rd ? Rdi?Rd?DsRd OCZSd dC RdoOCsSd OCUSdiOCtRdiOCoReRd?Ds RdiOCoR "P dlT- Rd OCZS <)?

A: Save all the files in UTF-8 this should solve the problem.

This module can be downloaded from the links below. If you have any questions you can ask them on the forum.

License: Freeware

Related: Module, Modules, Survey, jquery, Standard, Plugin, parameters, Questions, English, Answers, pollq, Russian, useridlanguages, czech, Voting, machuldafrequently, ondrej, asked, Multiple

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 20.5 KB

Downloads: 20

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