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Nodereference Explorer 6.x-1.3
File ID: 103988

Nodereference Explorer 6.x-1.3
Download Nodereference Explorer 6.x-1.3http://drupal.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 51.2 KB
Downloads: 4
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Nodereference Explorer 6.x-1.3 Description
Description: The Nodereference Explorer (NRE) provides a selection dialog for creating referencing between nodes. Content authors can link arbitrary content type instances, e. g. pages, stories, news, images etc., with each other. Typical use-cases are for instance:

* Reuse of assets, such as images, audio and video clips for display on other pages
* Providing a list of internal links

The motivation arouses from the usage scalabiltiy limitations of in-built nodereferences widgets, i. e. autocomplete, select list and option boxes, when dealing with a large number of nodes. Therefore the NRE enhances the autocomplete widget by an explorer-like selection dialog. It contains several view displays and optionally exposed filters where list items can be selected via mouse click.

If you found this module useful, please help me to keep maintaining by donating and/or contact me for professional paid support.

This module is developed in scope of the OSCE 3.0 website and CMS relaunch.

It is recommended that you use the Modalframe dialog API together with the OnBeforeUnload module, as "built-in" is deprecated since version 1.1. If you want to use jQuery UI 1.6 you have to use modalframe version 1.6 or lower.

The Nodereference Explorer is a rich widget improving strongly CCK's content editing/referencing usabilty and is highly configurable at the same time. The most important features are:

* Themable jQuery dialog with list of nodes for selection as nodereferences
* Node list is a customizable view with various displays, like grid, table, list and unformatted containing selectable view items
* Exposed view filter forms for content search/exploration
* Simple mouse point and click selection
* Field preview (as an additional view display)
* Plugin architecture for support of other CCK fields, e. g. Link
* Different Dialog APIs:
o Built-in
o Modal Frame (recommended)
* Integrated third party modules:
o Popups: Add & Reference
o Flexifield
* Leveraging indirectly the power of views:
o Multilinguality
o Image, Imagefield, Imagecache compatiblity
o Lightbox or thickbox support
o ... and much more


* In built "Add & Reference" functionality
* Multiple selection
* Universial CCK browser: Deploy and use the explorer widget on any field type
* Use outside of CCK context
o Integration with WYSIWIG editors
o Taxonomy browser
* Port to Drupal 7 (and then into the Drupal core of course :))

License: Freeware

Related: Selection, Dialog, Nodes, Widget, Content, Module, nodereference, Browser, Support, Mouse, displays, nodereferences, Autocomplete, Display, recommended, Images, jquery, Explorer, drupal

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 51.2 KB

Downloads: 4

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