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OraDirect .NET Script 4.75
File ID: 75856

OraDirect .NET Script 4.75
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License: Shareware
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OraDirect .NET Script 4.75 Description
Description: OraDirect .NET is an enhanced data provider for Oracle that builds on ADO.NET technology to present a complete solution for developing Oracle-based database applications.

OraDirect .NET offers both high performance native connectivity to the Oracle database and a number of innovative development tools and technologies.

OraDirect .NET introduces new approaches for designing application architecture, boosts productivity, and leverages database application implementation.


Wide Coverage of Oracle Features
By providing access to the most advanced database functionality, OraDirect .NET allows developers to harness the full capabilities of the Oracle server and optimize their database applications. OraDirect .NET stands out as the set of components with the widest support of Oracle functionality.

Flexible Connectivity
OraDirect .NET offers two connection modes to the Oracle server: connection through the Oracle Call Interface and direct connection over TCP/IP. Applications written with OraDirect .NET are easy to deploy, do not require installation of Oracle Client Software, and tend to be faster than those that use other data connectivity solutions.

Optimized Code
The goal of OraDirect .NET is to enable developers to write efficient and flexible database applications. The OraDirect .NET assemblies are implemented using optimized code and advanced data access algorithms. Components undergo comprehensive performance tests and are designed to help you write thin and efficient product data access layers.

Comprehensive Support for ADO.NET Technology Features
OraDirect .NET supports new ADO.NET features and technologies as soon as they are released. This includes base-class-based provider model, provider factories, connection string builder, metadata schemas, asynchronous commands, pooling enhancements, batch update support, provider-specific types, server enumeration, database change notification support and so on. OraDirect .NET will continue supporting the newest standards and innovations of the .NET Framework.

Database Application Development Extensions
OraDirect .NET has rich set of design time tools that leverage the development process greatly. Particularly, there are convenient design time component editors, wizards and managers for typed Oracle-specific components, toolset for live data binding and much more. OraDirect .NET integrates tightly with Visual Studio 2005/2008, Delphi, and SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Solutions. Last, but not least, there is OraDeveloper Tools to design your database schema and manipulate table data - all within your favorite IDE.

Oracle Advanced Features Support
OraDirect .NET has extra components designed to simplify some tasks and support Oracle-specific technologies. Particularly, OracleScript serves to execute series of SQL statements, OracleLoader serves to load external data into Oracle databases with use of Direct Path API, OracleAlerter and OraclePipe transfer messages and data between connections or client applications, and so on. OraDirect .NET includes set of classes designed to work with Oracle Advanced Queuing technology.

ADO.NET Entity Framework Support
ADO.NET Entity Framework is a conceptual approach to database application development with focus on objects instead of relational data. The flexible architecture of Entity Framework is made up of well-thought layers and modules. Entity Framework optimizes the development process with object-relational mapping, SQL-based entity query language, and LINQ.

OraDirect .NET fully supports the Entity Framework capabilities, which allows you to base your object-oriented applications on Oracle. OraDirect .NET includes a set of demos to use as a starting point. All standard Entity Framework samples can be easily ported to OraDirect .NET.

Both Connected and Disconnected Models
OraDirect .NET combines connected and disconnected data access models in single OracleDataTable component, which allows you to design more flexible application architecture and use full power of data binding.

Key Features:
- Direct access mode (without Oracle client)
- 100% managed code
- High performance
- Easy to deploy
- Supports the latest versions of Oracle server, including Personal and Express editions
- All Oracle data types support
- Full Oracle Objects support
- Comprehensive REF CURSOR support
- PL/SQL tables and PL/SQL records support
- .NET Compact Framework support
- Entity Framework support
- Operates in both connected and disconnected models
- Powerful OracleDataTable component as all-in-one table data access solution
- Typed OraclePackage component for wrapping PL/SQL packages
- Auxiliary components for SQL scripts and bulk data transfer
- Extra data binding capabilities
- Cross-form components cooperation
- Ability of monitoring query execution
- Licensed royalty-free per developer, per team, or per site

License: Shareware

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File Size: 4.9 MB

Downloads: 10

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