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pb-embedFlash 1.5.1
File ID: 93862

pb-embedFlash 1.5.1
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License: Freeware
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Downloads: 7
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pb-embedFlash 1.5.1 Description
Description: ** I'm sorry to announce that I'm not continuing this project anymore. I stopped blogging for several reasons and so this plugin dies with it. If somebody wants to rebirth it: feel free! I'm really sorry! **

pb-embedFlash is a filter for WordPress to display any flash content in valid XHTML 1.0 Strict code offering the possibility to specify attributes and parameters individually. It's easy to use but the final appearance of your embedded files can be modified heavily.

With admin panel, sidebar widget, TinyMCE popup and media & playlist manager!

See the Installation tab for more information about the usage.

This plugin comes with currently four ways of displaying your flash content:

* tag
* SWFObject (javascript)
* Shadowbox (javascript, by Michael J. I. Jackson)
* Popup window (javascript)

pb-embedFlash primarily supports, but is not limited to...

* .swf
* .flv, .mp3, .png, .jpg, .gif and .xml playlist via JW FLV Media Player
* YouTube
* Google Video
* Revver
* SevenLoad
* Vimeo
* ClipFish
* MetaCafe
* MyVideo
* Veoh
* ifilm
* MySpace Videos
* Brightcove
* aniBOOM
* vSocial
* GameVideos
* VideoTube
* AOL UnCut
* grouper

Unfortunately,, Garage TV,, dailymotion and Yahoo! do not put the videoID into the browser URL; therefore you have grab the path to the video file from the embedding-HTML-code they offer.

If your favorite video hoster is not listed as supported by this plugin, you still can use it by copying the link to the video out of the embedding code. Please give me a note if a video hoster is missing or not fully supported, thanks.


1. Unpack the zip archive.
2. Upload the folder pb-embedflash to wp-content/plugins/.
3. Activate the plugin in your admin panel.


pb-embedFlash supports the automatic update function integrated in WordPress since version 2.5. To do it by your own, follow this:

1. Deactivate the plugin. This is important!
2. Delete the old files and folders.
3. Install the new version.


To embed flash files into your posts, please insert the URL into following code: [flash URL VALUES]. URL is the full address with heading http://. Possible VALUES are listed beneath.

If you want to embed movies from YouTube, Google Video, etc., simply post the full address of the item's site.
Example: [flash or [flash
Width and height are set to the respective settings of the supported hoster automatically.
You don't need to cut sth. out of an address or HTML code!

flv support is realized with Jeroen Wijering's FLV Media Player, included within the plugin archive. Just use [flash URL VALUES], the flv file is detected automatically. (You have to buy a license to use that player commercially.)

You can also embed media ([flash medium=ID VALUES]) and playlists ([flash playlist=ID VALUES]) from the media manager. (Attention! Each flashvar overwrites his counterpart in following order: admin panel settings < media & playlist settings < flash tag settings.)

!!! The following documentation of possible values is eased heavily by the TinyMCE popup (since v1.5) !!!

VALUES can be one or more of these:

* If you want to override the default values for width and hight, use the following code: w=WIDTH h=HEIGHT. WIDTH and HEIGHT are in pixels as number-only without unit.
* If you want to override the default value for the class, use the following code: class=CLASS. CLASS is the class to be used. If you don't specify a class, the default class "embedflash" will be used.
* To specify the style for the without defining a class, use the following code: style={STYLE}. STYLE must be valid CSS code. Please ensure that you put it into {} brackets!
* You can also display a link to the file with a specified text: extern={TEXT|LINK} or extern={TEXT}. TEXT is the text to show as link, LINK will be the target. If no LINK is given, it defaults to URL. Please ensure that you put it into {} brackets!
Example #1: extern={Go to YouTube} will output: Go to YouTube.
Example #2: extern={Visit the author's website|} will output: Visit the author's website
If you are embedding a video from a hoster supported by this plugin, you can add a "Watch it at ..." link by adding extern=1 instead.
* If you want to specify additional parameters to the tag, use the following code: o={PARAMETERS}. PARAMETERS can be one ore mutiple valid parameters for the tag except 'data', 'width', 'height', 'class' and 'style'. Please ensure that you put it into {} brackets!
Example: o={tabindex="2" name="flashmovie"} will be outputted as:
* If you want to specify additional tags, use the following code: p={NAME-1;VALUE-1|NAME-2;VALUE-2|...|NAME-N;VALUE-N}. Both NAME and VALUE have to be specified. You can add quite infinite tags by seperating the different couples with the "|" character. Please ensure that you put it into {} bracktes!
Example: p={menu;false|quality;high} will be outputted as:
* You can also specify some flashvars for Jeroen Wijering's Media Player: f={FLASHVARS}.
Example: f={autostart=true&repeat=true}. Please ensure that you connect the flashvars with ampersands (&), that you avoid whitespaces and that you put it into {} bracktes! Visit Jeroen Wijering's website for a list of flashvars you can use.
* f={VARIABLES} can also be used to give parameters with the URL for other players than JW FLV Media Player, e.g. to enable the fullscreen mode in YouTube videos.
Example: f={fs=1}. Again, multiple values are connected with ampersands (&) and don't forget the {} brackets!
* For Shadowbox and the popup window, you can specify linktext={} (some text or an image) and caption={} (text displayed inside the box).
Example: linktext={} caption={Great movie!}. Please ensure that you put both into {} brackets!
* To easily use an image as link to Shadowbox or the popup window, you can specify the source of an image in preview={URL|WIDTH|HEIGHT}. Both WIDTH and HEIGHT are optional. The alt attribute of the image tag is set to the image filename (e.g. movie.gif). Example: preview={http://domain.tld/img/thumb/movie.gif|200|100}. Please ensure that you put it into {} brackets!
* If loading preview images from YouTube and GameVideos has been disabled by default, you can still use it by adding preview=force. The alt attribute of the image tag is set to "preview image".
You can set the width and height by pw= and ph=.
* To easily overwrite the default mode of embedding your flash content, you can specify mode.
Examples: mode=0 will use the object tag, mode=1 refers to SWFObject, mode=2 to SWFObject on IE only, mode=3 to Shadowbox and mode=4 refers to the popup window.

License: Freeware

Related: Flash, ensure, Plugin, brackets, values, Image, Video, default, Class, Popup, Youtube, parameters, supported, hoster, shadowbox, ltobjectgt

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 7

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See the Installation tab for more information about the usage.

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