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PHP Paypal API Class 1.0.6
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PHP Paypal API Class 1.0.6
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License: Shareware
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Downloads: 281
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PHP Paypal API Class 1.0.6 Description
Description: This PHP PayPal class provides a very simple interface for integrating Paypal payments into a website:
Multiple payment methods:

Allow offsite checkout on the PayPal website using Express Checkout.
Receive credit-card payments directly on your site using Direct Payments (requires a Website Payments Pro account)
Send payments to multiple recipients with reduced commissions using Mass Payments (Note: as of August 11th, mass payments are disabled by default and must be enabled manually by contacting PayPal)
Receive payments status updates via Instant Payment Notifications (IPN)

Additional features:

Live and sandbox mode switching - test your PayPal integration before going live!
Normalization of Paypal parameters into a more readable format - reduce development time and work naturally with existing code.
Support for multiple items (for use with shopping carts) in addition to single item payments
Covered by PHPUnit and simpleTest unit-tests
Log PayPal requests and responses for auditing / debugging
Editor Rating:5 of 5 Stars

License: Shareware

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File Size: 150.0 KB

Price: $19.99

Downloads: 281

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