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Priore FreePACK 1.0
File ID: 47540

Priore FreePACK 1.0
Priore FreePACK 1.0
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License: Freeware
File Size: 4.4 MB
Downloads: 192
User Rating:3 Stars  (2 ratings)
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Priore FreePACK 1.0 Description
Description: The collection contains many useful ActiveX for Developer, each with help and information how to use, and includes the VB6 examples code. The short description of this components is reported below :

* ACL-Edit allows to change the Users Access Control List of the files
* CryptX allows to encode and decode strings with many methods of coding standards
* DriveInfo allows to retrieve local disk informations
* DynamicDSN allows to manage DSN dinamically
* FileSearch allows to search files into drive, directory and sub-directory
* FingerPrint allows to retrieve and recognize the human fingerprint *
* FTP-Manager allows to retrieve, create or remove IIS-FTP virtual directory
* ImageScan Lite allows to acquire images from scanner devices **
* Impersonate User allow to impersonate users for current process
* INI-Manager allows to create and manage configurations INI files
* KeyInfo allows to retrieve informations from current keyboard
* MemoryInfo allows to retrieve informations from computer memory
* MenuPic allows to add picture into menus
* MouseInfo allows to retrieve informations from current mouse
* Network-Card Info allow to retrieve network cards informations with kb sent/received
* Network Information allows to retrieve computer/users and directory/printers shared in the network
* NT-UserManager allows to retrieve and manage user accounts on network or in local computer
* OnTop allows to manage windows stay on-top
* OS-Info allows to retrieve operating system informations, version, hard-disk space, and much more
* PictureTile allows to tiled window background with a picture
* PrintExtender allows to send data to a printer with x-y coordinates
* ProstScript Print allows printing postscript files from vb6 applications
* Screen Capture allows to capturing screen, window o partial of this
* TaskManager allow to make task priority process
* Windows Info allows to retrieve informations of windows running task
Editor Rating:5 of 5 Stars

License: Freeware

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File Size: 4.4 MB

Downloads: 192

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