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Q&A by Degree3 1.1.8
File ID: 99221

Q&A by Degree3 1.1.8
Download Q&A by Degree3 1.1.8http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 563.2 KB
Downloads: 4
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Q&A by Degree3 1.1.8 Description
Description: Degree3 brings the power of Social Q&A to your site, from the brains that first pioneered Q&A with We add Q&A to each and every page, allowing your visitors to ask and answer questions directly in context and to find relevant answers quickly. It's the easiest way to improve retention, build up educational and support-related content, and engage your visitors, all at once, at no charge.
Why Q&A you ask? Good question

Build retention & reduce bounce rate. 70% of searchers who don't find their answers right away go straight back to search. Give them an easy way to ask questions, and they're more likely to stick around and come back when they get their answers! (AskYourTargetMarket Survey, July 2011)
Strengthen community. People are naturally helpful, so give your visitors a chance to help each other! Nothing builds community better than when your more experienced visitors start helping out the newbies.
Provide relevant answers. Our Q&A plugin is contextual and links questions automatically with the page on which they were asked, so your visitors always see the most relevant answers first. Visitors may also search all the Q&A on your site easily.
Build a Q&A database. With Social Q&A, the best answers from your community rise to the top and create a dynamic FAQ. We help you recognize your experts and reward them for their great contributions.
Go beyond comments and forums. Not many visitors bother to ask questions in a forum because they're out of the way, and they often have tedious registration processes. It's also hard to get answers using a comment system because they tend to be noisy and unstructured. We found that typical web users are twice as likely to use an "Ask a question" feature to get information than they would be to use comments or forums. (AskYourTargetMarket Survey, July 2011)
Community, Content, and Support, all in one. Reward your experts, and they'll help your new visitors, reducing your costs of content creation and even support. Of course, you can pitch in questions and answers as well!


No-hassle sign-in requires only a name and email address, or Facebook
Users are notified of answers via email, with a link back to your site
You have full moderation powers to hide questions or answers
Each question is shown on, with a backlink, for SEO
Visitors can subscribe to your site's Q&A via email or RSS
Oh yeah, and it's free

Install :

Upload the contents of the zip file to your '/wp-content/plugins' directory. The files should all be within a folder called 'degree3-qa'
Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. You now have the basic plugin working!
Ask a few questions in your widget to get the conversation started!
The following steps are optional, but highly recommended!
For full control of your Q&A and daily activity email digests, Go to Degree3 to sign up for a FREE account.
Next, go to your Degree3 Dashboard and record your Site ID. You'll need that later.
Back on your WordPress site, click the 'Settings' link
Enter your Site ID and save your settings
If you want your Q&A to appear in a widget, go to your WordPress "Appearance -> Widgets" menu, and drag your Degree3 widget into the section of your choice
If you'd rather embed the plugin in the text of a page, you can use the shortcode [d3] What's a shortcode?

License: Shareware

Related: Processes, Comment, Registration, tedious, System, noisy

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 563.2 KB

Downloads: 4

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