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RChart Java component Script 1.1
File ID: 76947

RChart Java component Script 1.1
Download RChart Java component Script 1.1 Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 378.9 KB
Downloads: 49
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RChart Java component Script 1.1 Description
Description: Add charts to your Java application or website (can be used with ASP, Php, JSP[TM] ...).

RChart is a popular product due to the fact that it is very simple but powerfull and useful product.

Create more than 18 different types of charts and combine them:

- Linechart
- Areachart
- Piechart
- Max.Min chart
- OHLC Chart
- Bubblechart
- Down-drill (pies and bars) - Barchart
- Columnchart
- Stacked barchart
- Candlestick chart
- Scatter chart
- Radarchart
- Event chart - Curve chart (interpolation)
- B-Splines (approximation)
- Least Squares Lines
- Piechart 3D
- Linechart 3D
- Barchart 3D
- Circular Gauge

You can configure almost anything in the chart: fonts, color, line styles, fill styles, sizes, layout, etc ...

Some advanced features are:

- Export to gif , jpg, png.
- Read chart from URL
- JDBC[TM] Data population
- javascript integration
- Zoom and scroll
- line with width and style
- tips
- automatic scales/ticks - Two Y Axis
- Vertical labels
- Source code
- Logarithmic scale
- ready to use Servlet
- automatic date labels
- click on objects and trigger events
- Transparent fillings (for the Java[TM] platform 1.2 or later)
- non continuous lines (null values)
- background images and points
- grids
- Listener for interactive charts
- Position of legend
- Servlet can create image Maps
- realtime features (updatable chart)
- X scale on top

License: Shareware

Related: Chart, Charts, Barchart, Features, piechart, Automatic, Servlet, Scale, Labels, Linechart, styles, ready, Website, logarithmic, Application, Click, Events, Trigger, Objects, Source

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 378.9 KB

Price: $20.00

Downloads: 49

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