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Rename non-ASCII filenames to readable ASCII, i.e. replace accented characters, etc 
File ID: 64720

Rename non-ASCII filenames to readable ASCII, i.e. replace accented characters, etc 
Download Rename non-ASCII filenames to readable ASCII, i.e. replace accented characters, etc Error Link
License: Freeware
Downloads: 7
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Rename non-ASCII filenames to readable ASCII, i.e. replace accented characters, etc  Description
Description: The script converts any accented characters in filenames to their ASCII equivalents. e.g.:


a > a
a > a
? > a
a > a
e > e
i > i
o > o
u > u
n > n
u > u

Before-and-after example:

01_Antonin_Dvorak_Allegro.mp3 >>> 01_Antonin_Dvorak_Allegro.mp3


Running the script without arguments will rename all files in the current folder.
!!!WARNING!!! ***No*** backups are created.

License: Freeware

Related: Conversion, Renaming, Unicode


Downloads: 7

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