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Scripture 2.0
File ID: 68386

Scripture 2.0
Scripture 2.0
Download Scripture 2.0http://scripture.sf.netReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 17.6 KB
Downloads: 39
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Scripture 2.0 Description
Description: Scripture is a fully-featured (PHP) online and Mobile study application. It allows users to read, interact and study the Bible using many unique tools. - -Crossplatform Biblestudy - It can be your bible also.

Strongs concordance.
Parallel-read / interlinear scripture study.
Favorite verses and bookmarks, note and quicknote functions
Search and lookup history
Multi-categorical Forum, blogg, articles, podcast, etc....
Crossreferences and user-crossreference ability
Multiverse lookup example: .mat 5:1-11 .mat 28:20 .1jo 5:1-4
Regex Search example: r: ^love
Multi keyword search example: Blessed are -Love
Passage lookup example: mat 22:36 or: 1co 13
Book specific search example: Blessed are mat()
Install, Update and Backup/restore systems.
Ability to use all bibles from bibleworks (see readme)
IRC chat(online) and parsing script(mIRC)
Multiple modes for strongs display (listboxes, tooltip, and link)
Alternative editor features(CKeditor and TinyMCE) w/upload capabilities
Bible Dial, and new "Superdial/Map" function.
User Styles and Themes w/Editor
Language Note Interpretor for Greek Languages
Users may share and view eachothers notes, crossreferences, and favorites.
Bible Content Exporters (For qualitychecks)
RSS feeds

License: Freeware

Related: strongs, bible, scripture, Search, Education

File Size: 17.6 KB

Downloads: 39

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