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SE KeyRanker Free! 1.2.1
File ID: 104239

SE KeyRanker Free! 1.2.1
Download SE KeyRanker Free! 1.2.1http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 245.8 KB
Downloads: 1
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SE KeyRanker Free! 1.2.1 Description
Description: SE KeyRanker Free!/Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to sit on your dashboard and instantly return your websites position within search engines for specific searched keywords instead of tediously manually searching for them yourself. You simply add your keyword phrases of choice and SE KeyRanker does the rest. The results can be auto-saved daily and even exported for comparison. Find your ranking positions on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yebol.


* Quick website position return results
* Auto-save or manual save option
* All localizations available for various Search Engines
* Data saving and exporting
* Data analysis

Visit the official SE KeyRanker site for the feature comparison table between Free! and Pro, purchase of SE KeyRanker Pro or information on SE KeyRanker Ultimate.

SE KeyRanker Pro exclusive features:

* Yahoo, Bing, and Yebol as additional search engine options.
* Unlimited keywords.
* Priority technical support.
* Compatible with SE KeyRanker Ultimate.

NB: Please note that screenshots, changelog and FAQ displayed here apply only to the Free! version of SE KeyRanker.

Install :

NB: Please note that you must uninstall SE KeyRanker Free! before installing to SE KeyRanker Pro.

1. Upload by going to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload
2. Activate under Plugins -> Plugins

Below is a basic tutorial on using SE KeyRanker Free!/Pro. Alternatively you can view our video tutorial here.

1. Click on menu title SE KeyRanker on the left in your wordpress admin.
2. The Keyword Management will open, simply add your keyword phrases and submit. Please note that you can click on the X next to each keyword to delete them.
3. In the SE KeyRanker menu selection, click on settings.
4. Click Localization within the Google box.
5. Tick the boxes of the Localization options you wish to use and then click save. We recommend .com to start with.
6. Click on your dashboard and click Refresh to see your results in the SE KeyRanker box!

License: Shareware

Related: Official, analysisvisit, Exporting, feature, Table, Information, purchase, saving, Engines, option, Manual, autosave, localizations, Search, ultimatese, exclusive

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 245.8 KB

Downloads: 1

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