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SEO Ultimate 7.0
File ID: 92359

SEO Ultimate 7.0
Download SEO Ultimate 7.0http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 849.9 KB
Downloads: 14
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SEO Ultimate 7.0 Description
Description: Features

SEO Ultimate is an all-in-one SEO plugin with these powerful features:


Title Tag Rewriter -- UPDATED in Version 2.9
o Out-of-the-box functionality puts your post titles at the beginning of the tag for improved keyword SEO.
o Easily override the entire tag contents for any individual post, page, attachment, category, or post tag on your blog. Also supports custom post types.
o Customize your homepage's tag.
o Format the tags of posts, pages, categories, tags, archives, search results, and more!

Noindex Manager
o Add the tag to archives, comment feeds, the login page, and more.
o Set meta robots tags (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) for each individual post/page.
o Avoid duplicate content SEO issues with the recommended settings.

Meta Editor
o Edit the description/keyword tags for posts, pages, and the homepage.
o Influence search engine result snippets with the meta description editing functionality.
o Enter verification codes in the provided fields to access search engine webmaster tools.
o Give instructions to search engine spiders if desired (noodp, noydir, and noarchive).

o Point search engines to preferred content access points with SEO tags.
o Go beyond the basic canonical tag functionality of WordPress 2.9+ with SEO Ultimate's support for category/tag/date/author archives.
o Redirect requests for non-existent pagination with a simple checkbox.

404 Monitor -- UPDATED in Version 3.6
o Improve the visiting experience of users and spiders by keeping tabs on "page not found" errors. (Use a redirection plugin to point dead-end URLs to your content.)
o Find out what URLs are referring visitors to 404 errors.
o The default settings hone in on the most important errors by only logging 404s that either have a referring URL or are generated by a search engine spider.
o If desired, ignore 404s generated from specific URLs or wildcard URL patterns.

Linkbox Inserter
o Encourage natural linkbuilding activity by adding textboxes to the end of your posts/pages that contain automatically-generated link HTML.

File Editor
o Implement advanced SEO strategies with the .htaccess editor.
o Give instructions to search engines via the robots.txt editor.

Slug Optimizer
o Increase in-URL keyword potency by removing "filler words" (like "the," "with," "and," etc.) from post/page URLs.

Competition Researcher
o Investigate multiple keywords or URLs with quick access to search engine tools. Competition Researcher does this without illicit scraping/automation methods.
o Find out how many webpages are competing for the keywords you specify.
o Choose to analyze the keyword relevance in competing webpages' titles, body content, URLs, or anchor text.
o Find out how many pages of a competing website are in Google's index.
o Access competitors' incoming links profile.
o Find out what external websites your competitors are linking to.

More Link Customizer
o SEO your posts' "read more" links by including the posts' keyword-rich titles in the anchor text.
o Override the "read more" link on a per-post basis.
o Include <strong /> or <em /> tags in the anchor text if so desired.

Internal Relevance Researcher
o Determine which of your webpages Google most strongly associates with the keywords you specify.
o Use the information to determine ideal targets for incoming links or ideal sources of outgoing links.

Deeplink Juggernaut -- UPDATED in Version 3.2
o Automatically link phrases in your posts/pages to given URLs.
o Use the power of anchor text to boost your internal ranking SEO paradigm.
o Control the maximum number of autolinks added to each post/page.
o Apply the nofollow attribute on a per-link basis. (Perfect for automatic affiliate links.)
o Import/export your links as CSV files.

Code Inserter
o Easily insert custom HTML into your site's tag, footer, or item content.
o Use to add Google Analytics, Feedburner FeedFlare, Google AdSense section targeting, and other SEO/SEM-enhancing code snippets.
o Code remains even when switching themes.

Rich Snippet Creator
o Easily add rich snippet code to your review posts.
o Attract more search traffic with eye-catching supplementary SERP data.
o Can add code to old review posts automatically.

Sharing Facilitator -- NEW in Version 3.5
o Adds buttons that make it easy for visitors to share your content on social networking sites (thus building links to your site).
o Choose from either the ShareThis or the AddThis button.
o Unlike the official ShareThis plugin, SEO Ultimate doesn't require you to register at the ShareThis website before enabling the button -- just enable and go.

Settings Manager
o Export your SEO Ultimate settings to a file and re-import later if desired.
o Move SEO Ultimate settings between blogs using the export/import functionality.
o Reset all settings back to "factory defaults" if something goes wrong.

Additional features
o Lets you import post meta from All in One SEO Pack.
o Displays admin notices if blog privacy settings are configured to block search engines.
o Supports WordPress plugin translation. POT file is included in the zip file.
o SEO Ultimate documentation is seamlessly integrated into the contextual help system of WordPress 2.7+ and is accessible via the dropdowns in the upper-right-hand corner of the admin screen. In-depth info, explanations, and FAQ are just a click away.
o Unlike certain other SEO plugins, SEO Ultimate sports a clean, simple, aesthetically-pleasing interface, with no ads or donation nags.
o SEO Ultimate cleanly integrates itself into WordPress without plastering its name all over the interface.
o Includes icon integration with the WordPress 2.7+ menu and the Ozh Admin Drop Down Menu plugin.
o Uses WordPress plugin security features like nonces, etc.
o Includes an uninstaller that can delete the plugin's files and database entries if desired.
o Lets you upgrade/downgrade the plugin to versions of your choosing (starting with 2.5).

Features Coming Soon
o Automatic XHTML validation checking
o Nofollow options
o ...And much, much more! Install SEO Ultimate today and use WordPress's automatic plugin updater to get new features as they're released.
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To install the plugin automatically:

1. Go to the SEO Ultimate homepage
2. In the "Auto Installer" box on the right, enter your blog's URL and click "Launch Installer."
3. Click "Install Now," then click "Activate this plugin."

That's it! Now go to the new "SEO" menu and explore the modules of the SEO Ultimate plugin.

To install the plugin manually:

1. Download and unzip the plugin.
2. Upload the seo-ultimate directory to /wp-content/plugins/.
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

License: Freeware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 849.9 KB

Downloads: 14

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