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Sheetnode 6.x-1.4
File ID: 98866

Sheetnode 6.x-1.4
Download Sheetnode 6.x-1.4http://drupal.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 51.2 KB
Downloads: 11
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Sheetnode 6.x-1.4 Description
Description: Sheetnode integrates the javascript spreadsheet engine SocialCalc as a new node type in Drupal. SocialCalc was written by Dan Bricklin, co-author of the original VisiCalc spreadsheet app in 1979, and is used in the OLPC XO laptop and the SocialText Collaboration Platform.

Need a new feature for your business? Please drop me a line.

Contributors/co-maintainers wanted! Please drop me a line.

* News
* What can you do with it?
* Quick How-To: Spreadsheet View
* Installation
* Credits and Sponsorship
* Roadmap


* No more Java required!! I've finally gotten around to using PHPExcel to import/export XLS, XLSX, OOCalc, etc., so no more struggling against PHP/Java Bridge and other Java fiends. For best results, delete the complete sheetnode folder and install the latest 1.5 release (still in beta as of this writing).
* No more patching required! I've forked the original SocialCalc code on GitHub, so make sure to update to the latest code as per the instructions below.


* Create nodes that are spreadsheets, complete with formulas and formatting
* Refer to cells in other spreadsheet nodes
* Use the standard Drupal search to find content inside cells
* Save sheets as templates that can be reused when creating new spreadsheets
* Import from Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx) and Calc (.ods) files
* Import from Google Docs spreadsheets
* Export to Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx), Adobe Acrobat, and more
* Create views that show results in spreadsheets, complete with formulas, formatting and result expansion
* Create views that let you export their data to Microsoft Excel and other supported format

Check the Roadmap below for upcoming features.


* Install Views and this module (only Sheetnode module needed)
* Create a new view of type Node (for example)
* In Basic settings > Style, select "Spreadsheet"
* Click "Update default display" to use the default Spreadsheet settings
* Select a few fields to display in the view
* Create a Page display to render the view on a page, and give it a URL
* Save the view
* Navigate to the chosen URL
* Enjoy your first Spreadsheet view!
* Later on, you can edit the view to specify a spreadsheet template instead of the default
* If you enable the Sheetnode PHPExcel, you can also create Feed displays in the view that are attached to the Page display and that allow you to export the resulting spreadsheet to XLS and other output formats.

Sheetnode module

* Go to the sheetnode folder.
* Delete the existing socialcalc folder if it exists.
* Download the latest SocialCalc tarball from the GitHub repo (you can use this link directly).
* Extract the downloaded tarball and rename the extracted folder to socialcalc.

Sheetnode Google Spreadsheets import/export module

* Upgrade your PHP installation to 5.2.4 or later as this is the minimum requirement for the Zend Framework.
* Download Zend Gdata Framework 1.9.x or higher.
* Extract to a folder of your choice.
* Configure Sheetnode Google Spreadsheets settings by entering the full path of the Zend Gdata folder that contains the subfolder named 'Zend' (typically /path/to/ZendGdata-x.y.z/library).

Sheetnode PHPExcel import/export module

* Download PHPExcel 1.7.4 or later.
* Extract to a folder of your choice.
* Configure Sheetnode PHPExcel settings by entering the full path of the PHPExcel folder root.
* Check the Drupal status report to ensure that PHPExcel is found by the module.


The following organizations have provided financial support for Sheetnode:

* 10jumps
* BEA Enterprises, Inc.
* OpenCraft

Thank you all for your generous support.

If you feel this module is useful to your business, please consider the following:

* Contact me directly for paid work.
* Buy me a book.


* Support Google Spreadsheets formatting info
* Export to Google Spreadsheets
* Integrate with PHPExcel (done)
* On-page controls to insert/remove rows/cols, format cells, etc. (done)
* Export/import from CSV, XLS (done), ODS (in progress), Google Docs (in progress), etc.
* Template system to save and reuse spreadsheet layouts (done)
* User-defined functions including Ajax functions for backend processing (done for CCK fields)
* Cell references to other sheetnodes (done: syntax is "Node title"!CellRef or "nid"!CellRef)
* Fullscreen mode (done: click on the SocialCalc icon in the bottom-right corner of the sheet)
* Charts
* SUMPRODUCT function (done)
* Collaboration features

Drupal integration

* Passing arguments and exposed filter values to views in cell references
* Referencing node fields (done)
* Packaging as CCK field (done)
* Integration with theming system
* Integration with Search module (done)
* Cell-level permissions (done)
* Revision history with user information (done)
* Create a book and place all imported sheets inside it (done)
* Packaging as Views style plugin (done)
* Export Views to XLS, ODS (done)

Issues & limitations

* ajax_ui.module interferes with Sheetnode and prevents it from saving the spreadsheet data.
* No import of charts or images
* No export of HTML or Wiki text cells
* Only one sheet can be displayed on a single page at any time (in progress)

License: Freeware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 51.2 KB

Downloads: 11

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