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SunMailer Newsletter 6.x-1.6
File ID: 101517

SunMailer Newsletter 6.x-1.6
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License: Freeware
File Size: 41.0 KB
Downloads: 8
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SunMailer Newsletter 6.x-1.6 Description
Description: SunMailer is an email newsletter module that aggregates content using views from the Views module. Once configured and scheduled, it can automatically send newsletters on a recurring basis without any user intervention. It originated as a project for The Cornell Daily Sun, hence the name SunMailer.

* Automatically aggregates content, sends the newsletter, and removes sent content from future newsletters (the newsletter can also be manually sent)
* Newsletter can be split into multiple sections that can be individually subscribed to
* Users can individually subscribe, or subscriptions can be managed via user roles
* Supports both text and HTML emails
* Can send a custom email message to all subscribers
* Full documentation included when Advanced help is installed
* Subscription statistics
* Alternate text body for HTML emails (useful for text-only email clients, e.g., mobile phones)
* SMTP support, including authentication, SSL, and TLS

Customizing the newsletter

SunMailer generates the newsletter by first generating XML and then translating it to text or HTML via XSLT. It comes with two XSL files, one for a text newsletter and one for an HTML newsletter.

The XML includes both basic information about each node as well as the rendered values of any fields provided by the view which generated the node. Alter hooks are provided to further modify the XML.

The two included XSL files only use the basic information provided for each node, but additional XSL files can be uploaded via the module's user interface to redesign the existing text or HTML newsletter or add brand new designs.

In addition to PHP 5.2 or higher, SunMailer requires PHP's XSL extension and a third-party library named PHPMailer. It generally supports anything PHPMailer supports. Scheduling the newsletter to be sent automatically requires cron. Consult the README for more info.

Important components of SunMailer have been tested with SimpleTest.

License: Freeware

Related: Newsletter, sunmailer, Files, Content, provided, Email, phpmailer, Supports, Information, requires, individually, included, Emails, Basic, aggregates, Automatically, Module, Newsletters, Generated

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 41.0 KB

Downloads: 8

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