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Tanalogmeter 2.06
File ID: 33935

Tanalogmeter 2.06
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License: Freeware
File Size: 26.0 KB
Downloads: 82
User Rating:4 Stars  (1 rating)
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Tanalogmeter 2.06 Description
Description: Properties Min, Max, Value and event onChange work just like in TSpinEdit.Caption should be used for the units being measured, default is 'mV'.General appearance can me customized using the propertiesShowFrame, ShowValue, ShowTicks, ShowTicksScale : BooleanTickCount : LongInt Color, TickColor : TColorYou can set AngularRange (LongInt) to define how much of a circle is used for the display: 10..360 degrees are allowed.Furthermore you can define 3 areas: 1. Low zone, all values from Min to LowZone 2. OK zone, all values from LowZone to HighZone 3. High zone, all values from HighZone to Maxwhich can have their own colours. Properties LowZone and HighZone are set/read in percent of the range (Max-Min).Transitions between these zones can trigger TNotifyEvents to tell the user about the state of affairs. These events are: onRiseAboveHigh onFallBelowHigh onRiseAboveLow onFallBelowLowThese events can be enabled/disabled all at once via the boolean property EnableZoneEvents.ZIP contains demoproject which dynamically creates the component, so you can test it without installing it.

License: Freeware

File Size: 26.0 KB

Downloads: 82

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