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Taxonomy Filter 6.x-1.6
File ID: 99871

Taxonomy Filter 6.x-1.6
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License: Freeware
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Taxonomy Filter 6.x-1.6 Description
Description: The Taxonomy Filter module is designed to present an easy-to-use interface for narrowing down taxonomy listings to find topics that are tagged by multiple terms. This is helpful for sites that use multiple vocabularies to create a multi-faceted information architecture.

The standard Drupal taxonomy module has the ability to do this with the following URL format:


which will display a listing of all nodes tagged with terms x, y and z. However, not many visitors to your site will be aware of this functionality.

The Taxonomy Filter module allows your users to enjoy this functionality without needing to know the URL syntax described above. It does this by displaying a block of links that reference multiple terms from one or more vocabularies. The vocabulary filters are defined in the module's configuration settings. There the site administrator can specify that a vocabulary be 'filtered' by one or more vocabularies. The arrangement of the links in the block can also be specified by selecting one of the four menu templates -- default, cloud, context and dynamic.

For example, if vocabulary A is set to be 'filtered' by vocabulary B (which may be vocabulary A), then whenever someone views the taxonomy listing of a term in vocabulary A they will see a 'filter' menu of terms from vocabularies A and B. This allows the visitor to narrow down the listing by choosing another term - effectively showing them the intersection set of nodes from the two terms.

Filter menu templates

Filter links can be displayed in four different formats:

* Base (a simple list)
* Cloud (a tag cloud format)
* Context (showing parent, child and related terms)
* Dynamic (a nested list corresponding to term depth)

Drupal 6.x version

Beginning with the 6.x-1.4 version, the module includes internationalization support as well as URL generation settings for search engine optimization.

The Drupal 6.x version of the module is a complete rewrite. The new version is much more modular and extensible - all of the functionality of the Drupal 5.x version is provided by the core and add-on modules. In addition, the 6.x module can filter on more than two terms (as many as your vocabulary and content will support) when using the base and cloud menu templates.

This version also includes comprehensive test coverage using the Drupal implementation of SimpleTest.

NOTE: The development snapshot is stable and includes the latest code changes and fixes related to issue posts.

This module is sponsored by Boombatower Development.

License: Freeware

Related: vocabulary, Module, terms, Version, vocabularies, drupal, Multiple, Links, listing, includes, taxonomy, cloud, Nodes, showing, Block, filtered, related

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 41.0 KB

Downloads: 0

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