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Taxonomy Router 6.x-3.0
File ID: 103892

Taxonomy Router 6.x-3.0
Download Taxonomy Router 6.x-3.0http://drupal.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 1
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Taxonomy Router 6.x-3.0 Description
Description: *** NOTE: You've seen that V4 is out? Please read the message in issues. ***

Taxonomy Router pages Taxonomy vocabularies/terms (the module treats them as very similar items) as a list of terms or nodes.

This kind of functionality keeps appearing in taxonomy modules. So now it is a separate module which may, for code minimalists, prove useful in itself.

NOTE: Only the direct (depth=1) children of a branch are displayed, not all descendants. See the relevant issue .

Taxonomy router has six simple features,

Returns terms, or optionally nodes, or nodes on leaf terms, if you address a term or vocabulary.
This simple functionality may prove useful. For example, a quick list for a small and relatively static taxonomy branch, such as your general list of forums.

Lists of terms look like lists of nodes
Consistency for designers and users. Not like an admin list. Even uses some of the same theme terminology and CSS.

Uses URL's very similar to those used by older versions of the Taxonomy Menu module.
?q=category/digit (for vocab)
?q=category/digit (vid for vocab)/digit (tid for term)
Useful for programmers, as it is easy to address a term or a vocabulary without making much differentiation.

Users can now specify if they want node or term lists directly from the URL,



Use multiple tids
(Explicit URLs only) In the form used by 'taxonomy/term'.


Pages every term under vocabulary 1 and terms 2 AND 8.

Add any number of slash separated URL items between the vocab item and the term item.
(simple category/ URLs only) So the full URL form is,

?q=category/some vid digit/[anything numeric and slash separated here in the middle]/some tid digit

Fully templated.
Start work on your user interface straight away, no need to faff round with themes, or admiring my coding.

Do read the README. I make big README files.

Back in Drupal 5 programmers could hijack Taxonomy Menu to gain its menu routing. Unfortunately, recent versions of Taxonomy Menu
have tightened up by adjusting the taxonomy menu tree itself. Nice for them, but not so useful for creative URL usage or programming.

Whereas this little module encapsulates the idea in a way that you can build on yourself. And though it may gain features and fixes, you can rely on it always delivering paging.

Taxonomy router is the bedrock for further modules. See Taxonomy Treemenu

WARNING: this is a largely untested module. However, the functions are benign i.e. the module is not expected to cause any damage.

License: Freeware

Related: taxonomy, terms, Module, Router, branch, Modules, prove, Simple, Address, separated, readme, slash, Programmers, Lists, Versions, Nodes, vocabulary, items

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 1

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