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TbcTrialVersion 1.0
File ID: 34371

TbcTrialVersion 1.0
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License: Shareware
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TbcTrialVersion 1.0 Description
Description: TbcTrialVersion is a VCL Component for Delphi and C++ Builder. It provides otrial periodo capability for your software. TbcTrialVersion stores information about the trial usage of the software and decides if the software has expired or not when asked.Information regarding the trial period is kept in Windows registry in either plain or encrypted form.Users of the component can supply their own encryption algorithms if they want to do so.Encrypted information will be harder for hackers to locate in the registry.The trial version types can be one of the following:a) While IDE is running (Delphi or C++ Builder)b) Expire in n number of days after first try (or installation if the installer creates the required registry information)c) Expire on date.d) Expire after n number of tries .To use this component, the programmer sets couple properties such as expiration date (or # of tries) and picks the Windows registry section to record the information in; chooses a hard to guess registry subkey name(can be encrypted); and writes an if block in his application to ask the component if the application has expired or not.Once an application expires, the component can set a flag in the registry so that after re-installation the program will still know that it was tried and trial period has expired.

License: Shareware

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File Size: 224.0 KB

Price: $19.95

Downloads: 32

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