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TCPMouseHook Global Mouse Hook 1.3
File ID: 38956

TCPMouseHook Global Mouse Hook 1.3
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License: Shareware
File Size: 290.0 KB
Downloads: 235
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TCPMouseHook Global Mouse Hook 1.3 Description
Description: System Thread/Process wide Mouse Hook Component and DLL. Features of this version:Added TMouseHookFilters type for setting Hook Filter properties:Added Property HidePointer: boolean value to Hide/Disable the Mouse Pointer.Added Property InvertPointer: boolean value to Invert/Mirror the Mouse Pointer direction.Added Property WrapPointer: boolean value to Wrap the Mouse Pointer at Screen Border.Added Property BlockLeftButton: boolean value to Disable the Left Mouse Button.Added Property BlockRightButton: boolean value to Disable the Right Mouse Button.Added Property BlockMiddleButton: boolean value to Disable the Middle Mouse Button.Added Property BlockWheel: boolean value to Disable the Mouse Wheel.Added Property SwapButtons: boolean value to Swap the Left and Right Mouse Buttons.Added property ScreenMickeyX: Extended readonly Absolute X Screen coordinate of Pointer.Added property ScreenMickeyY: Extended readonly Absolute Y Screen coordinate of Pointer.Added DLL Function TFncHookInvertPointerAdded DLL Function TFncHookWrapPointerUpdated DLL Function TFncHookStart.

License: Shareware

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File Size: 290.0 KB

Price: $19.95

Downloads: 235

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