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TGmPreview 1.0
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TGmPreview 1.0
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License: Freeware
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Downloads: 138
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TGmPreview 1.0 Description
Description: TGmPrinter is an extremely easy-to-use, powerful print/preview component with...E Full page preview with optional margins and a variable shadow.E Preview navigation (First, Prev, Next and Last page commands)E Add page headers and footers l visible at design time.E Use header and footer tokens l e.g. {DATE} and {TIME} and let the component fill in the values.E Draw lines, rectangles ellipses, text and images at a position specified in Millimetres in any style etcuE Draw grids by specifying the grid area, rows and no. of columns.E Place text of any font/colour/size at any position on the page using Millimetres Coordinates.E Zoom in or out by changing the zoom percent.E Mouse sensitive zooming for zooming in on a specific area of the page.E Obtain printer information such as margin sizes and physical & available page widthE Also has an extensive range of events for capturing almost every action!

License: Freeware

File Size: 202.0 KB

Downloads: 138

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