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TinyAutoSave 2.1.2
File ID: 77616

TinyAutoSave 2.1.2
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License: Shareware
File Size: 614.4 KB
Downloads: 3
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TinyAutoSave 2.1.2 Description
Description: This jQuery plugin adds auto-save capability to the TinyMCE text editor to rescue content accidentally lost

It works even after a page refresh.

By pushing the "Restore" button, the last entered contentin the editor, willbe reloaded.

The plugin works with every type of Web browser. In addition, it takes advantage of new features available in modern Web browsers to expand the auto-save storage area, allowing very large documents to be rescued.

A wiki documentation page can be found here.

Here are some key features of "TinyAutoSave":

dlTE 100% client side, no server dependency.
dlTE 100% javascript.
dlTE Wide browser support: supports every Web browser that TinyMCE supports.
dlTE Simple installation, just copy the files and add to your editor config.
dlTE Completely automated operation: runs silently in the background, users don't need to do a thing.
dlTE Large document support: more than 90% of all Web browsers in use today can auto-save documents 128K in size or greater - even with cookes disabled.
dlTE Granular configuration options for changing how it works.
dlTE Independent autosave storage and settings means each editor instance can have its own dedicated autosave storage, UI, and behavior.
dlTE Seven different events to initialize the plugin, to control behavior and content before/after auto-saves and restores, and to respond to errors.
dlTE Extensively documented source code, including support for Visual Studio Intellisense.
dlTE Automatically switches to .gif version of toolbar button for browsers with no .png support.
dlTE Comes with 12 different animations to choose from.
dlTE Simple to configure a different animation, including your own, and control how long the animation displays.
dlTE Preloads the animation so it's instantly available the first time needed.
dlTE Minified plugin file shrinks variable names for smallest download.
dlTE Released under GNU General Public License, version 3.


dlTE javascript enabled on client side
dlTE jQuery

License: Shareware

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O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 614.4 KB

Downloads: 3

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