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Tool for handling tessellated free shape objects with a Morphing Mesh Procedure 1.0
File ID: 90933

Tool for handling tessellated free shape objects with a Morphing Mesh Procedure 1.0
Download Tool for handling tessellated free shape objects with a Morphing Mesh Procedure 1.0http://www.mathworks.comReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 6.3 MB
Downloads: 12
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Tool for handling tessellated free shape objects with a Morphing Mesh Procedure 1.0 Description
Description: This is a fully MatLAB-based tool, called ProMESH, allowing to handle tessellated models. One can load a .stl file (at the present only ASCII format is supported). Open imported tessellated model may be closed by applying the thickness procedure.
User may interactively modify geometry shape through a morphing approach. GUI allows to pick, from the graphical window, any control point belonging to the geometry and set the relative influence hull, controlling its sizes and orientation.
At the present, the influence hull is assumed as an ellipsoid domain (its sizes are parameterized by means of its three radii). The morphed shape may be easily tuned and controlled modifying the d-deDUweight functiond-deDt, based on Bezier curve. One can change control points of the piece-wise Bezier curves by acting on the graphical interface.
Once the tessellated model is ready to be post-processed it can be exported (EXPORT) into any CAD environment through the d-deDU.STLd-deDt format or into Comsol Multiphysics as d-deDUCOMSOL geometry objectd-deDt (in the last case the Comsol Multiphysics live-link with MatLAB is needed).

Implementation: ProMESH was developed under MatLAB 2007b and it was tested under MatLAB 2010a, where it seems to work with no error. More details on implemented procedures can be found in the Proceedings of Comsol Conference 2009 (Franciosa, P., Gerbino S., Handling Tessellated Free Shape Objects with a Morphing Mesh Procedure in Comsol MultiphysicsdlT«, in Proc. of COMSOL Conferenced-deOao09, Milano (Italy), October 14-16, 2009).

How to use:
Unzip d-deDUMatLAB.zipd-deDt file and then run d-deDUdemofile.stld-deDt may be used just to begin.

P. Franciosa
University of Naples Federico II, School of Engineering
S. Gerbino
University of Molise, School of Engineering

License: Shareware

Related: 2010a, tested, 2007b, developed, Error, Found, proceedings, Procedures, implemented, Details, neededimplementation, matlab, exported, Export, postprocessed, ready, interfaceonce

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 6.3 MB

Downloads: 12

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