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TorrentTrader for File sharing 2.02
File ID: 91778

TorrentTrader for File sharing 2.02
Download TorrentTrader for File sharing 2.02 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 593.9 KB
Downloads: 19
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TorrentTrader for File sharing 2.02 Description
Description: TorrentTrader is a feature packed and highly customisable PHP/MySQL Based BitTorrent tracker.


Tracker Features:
- Fully themeable (Three themes included)
- Advance "completed by" information on all local torrents
- User Agent (Client) detection
- 14 Languages included
- optimised announce.php and scrape.php codes
- Optional auto addition of DHT Private flag (not recommended)
- Site polls
- IRC web chat applet (free source)
- IRC Announcer (announces new torrents and forum posts to your IRC channel)
- Intergrated custom forums
- Enhanced Torrents comments with user stats
- Staff Information Page
- Advanced Site statistics
- Site Logs
- Ban IP's and ranges
- Peerguardian import facility
- Server load and SQL statistics
- Database tools (optimise tables, backups etc)
- Advance RSS Feed For torrents and categories
- Requests system
- Banners system
- Shoutbox
Admin Features:
- Admin only, confirm user registration option
- Bad word censor
- Ability for staff to reset user passwords
- Private message "spy"
- Editable number of user invites
- Cheaters detection system
- Customisable FAQ
- Customisable Rules
- Viewable user account comments and forums post history's
- Moderator Edit/Delete comments
- Site news system, with comments
- Site welcome msg/notice
- Ratio Based Wait Times and auto warn system
- User warnings system
- Limit character length of torrents on index
- Ability to report to the moderators: users, torrents and forum posts
- Disabled Accounts Management
- Mass PM System with selectable reciever groups
- Advanced user search
User Features:
- PM notify on new comments
- Anonymous uploading of torrents (set user prefs to strong privacy)
- Editable User titles
- Signatures viewable on Forums Comments pages
- Privacy option in UserCP to hide certain stats from forums/comments
- Quote Posts In Forums
- Latest active forum topics
- Search Forums Function

License: Freeware

Related: torrents, System, Comments, Features, Forum, Forums, Detection, included, Statistics, ADVANCE, Private, Stats, Advanced, customisable, Based, ability, posts, Editable, option

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 593.9 KB

Downloads: 19

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