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TPJShellFolderInfo, TPJBrowseDialog etc 2.2.2
File ID: 39187

TPJShellFolderInfo, TPJBrowseDialog etc 2.2.2
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License: Freeware
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TPJShellFolderInfo, TPJBrowseDialog etc 2.2.2 Description
Description: This unit provides various components, classes and routines for handling Windows shell folders. It contains:A component that provides information about a specified special shell folder.A class that enumerates all the special shell folders.Routines to manipulate special shell folder information.A component that encapsulates the Windows Browse for Folder dialog box.A property editor that enumerates special shell folder identifiers.A OpenHelp compatible help file is supplied. It provides help on all the components, classes, interfaces and routines. The help file integrates with the help system of Delphi 4 to 7. Although it does not integrate with the Delphi 2005 and later IDE at can be used independently of the IDE,albeit with some loss of functionality. An .als file is also supplied to assist in integration with Delphi 6 and 7.A demo program with associated explanatory notes is included in the download. The demo lists and provides information about all the special shell folders supported by the unit.

License: Freeware

Related: Delphi, Component, Source, Code, Download, Free, Freeware, Windows, Api, Shell, Folders, Special, Folder, Dialog, Browse, for, Pidls, Shbrowseforfolder, Shgetspecialfolderlocation

File Size: 52.0 KB

Downloads: 200

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