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Uguestbook Script 1.0
File ID: 75840

Uguestbook Script 1.0
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License: Freeware
File Size: 102.4 KB
Downloads: 30
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Uguestbook Script 1.0 Description
Description: Functional, easy to install and use. The guestbook features must be all these.

The guestbook isn't only a tool that allow your users to mark their visit leaving a comment, but it's a chance, given to webmaster, to interact with users, to test and comply with their web tastes and requirements, to weight Your job.

Uguestbook has just been conceived and created in order to satisfy all these aims, like a resourse suitable, and adaptable, for every kind of web site, personal or highly professional.

Therefore Uguestbook combines a pleasant and executed with the greatest care for details (and, above all, easy custumizable) web interface to a very direct and full of options administrative area.

Therefore on Your Uguestbook the user has a possibility not only to post his comment, formatting text and equipping it with likeable emoticon smilies, but to leave trace of himself, specifying just their own nick, email, city and Country of origin, personal web page and even their own ICQ number, in order to encourage eventual contacts in real time.

Such informations ( email, web page, ICQ ) come automatically converted in hypertext, allow other visitors of linking them only with a click of the mouse directly from the guestbook. All this in a very short time: in order to make a submit, in fact, you need only few seconds.

However, the application main attraction is in the administrative area, easily reachable from each page. Once logged, the administrator comes to a control panel that, with only one view , introduces all the possible options of editing/revision. We proceed with order.

In the first place, on the center, the more obvious possibility: modify/delete undesired messages (the option "delete" is previewed both for single or complete messages).

On the left, instead, very important options:
- possibility to configure the guestbook directly on-lne (and, therefore, without having to act on the code!), regarding:
- (a) the heading of the page in which the application will be published;
- (b) the administrator username, password and email;
- (c) the email component choice (CDONTS or CDOSYS);
- (d) the choice or less of notification via email of the received comment;
- (e) the choice of the messages number displayed in the index page;
- (f) the choice of the maximum characters number allowed for the users comments; last
- (g) the choice of the language to use (default options: Italian / English). Very useful all the modifications eventually brought will be refreshed in real time just clicking on "update" button;
possibility to add/delete/replace bad words;
- possibility (really precious) to compact/repair, directly on-line (!), ACCESS database, on which the application rests [ reference: ].
Last, but not least, the application lightness and the presence, in the ZIP file, of a tool, clearly and conversational, regarding the installation and the configuration of the layout. Installation and configuration do not introduce, moreover, any minimal difficulty, being the code "clean" and conceived for to be accessible to all developers.

Of course all these options (webmasters know how much precious they are) upset the conception of guestbook, and make of Uguestbook a application, in its field, elegant, unique and above all innovative.

License: Freeware

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File Size: 102.4 KB

Downloads: 30

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