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User Points Contributed modules 6.x-1.0-beta1
File ID: 98193

User Points Contributed modules 6.x-1.0-beta1
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License: Freeware
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User Points Contributed modules 6.x-1.0-beta1 Description
Description: This is a collection of modules that make use of User Points module API.

They are written and contributed by various people and hence can be of various quality, maturity and maintainership levels.

If you created a module that uses the Userpoints API and it does not have its own project, please contribute it by submitting an issue and attaching a tar.gz of the .info and .module files you created. Please describe what your module does in a bit of detail.

You can use other modules here as a starting point or sample for what can be achieved by userpoints.

Here is a list of some contributed modules included in this project:

* userpoints_commentpertype
Give different points to users for comments made on different node types.
* userpoints_download
Users lose or gain points when the download attachments (requires site to be configured with private download method).
* userpoints_revisions
Users earn points for creating node revisions.
* user2userpoints:
Allows users to send points to other users.
* userpoints_reset:
Resets all userpoints on the site.
* userpoints_admin_email:
Emails the admin when any user reached a defined points threshold.
* userpoints_retroactive:
Award users points for their nodes, comments and votes that they have created so far, before userpoints was enabled on the site.
* userpoints_badges:
Integrates Userpoints with the User Badges module.
* userpoints_pageviews:
Awards node owners points based on page views to their nodes.
* referral_points:
Allows referrers to get bonus points percentage points for all user points awarded to their referrees.
* userpoints_ecommerce:
Interfaces userpoints with ecommerce, so users can get points for purchases, as well as use points as a payment method for checkout.
* userpoints_nodelimit:
Enables a limit on node creation based on user points
* userpoints_invite:
Users earn points when they invite other, and when others register.
* userpoints_modr8: Moderators are awarded points when moderating nodes using the modr8 module. Points for approve/deny can be different values.
* userpoints_cap:
Limit the number of points a user can earn.
* userpoints_reserve:
Automatically set Ecommerce exchange rate based on a cash reserve.
* userpoints_autoapprove:
Automatically approves outstanding transactions after a chosen period
* userpoints_transaction_tools:
Adds extra features to report on transactions
* userpoints_email:
Userpoints email notification
* userpoints_expire:
Inactive users lose a certain number of points every certain period.
* userpoints_expire_every:
Periodic expiry of userpoints for all users. Useful for contests.
* userpoints_role:
Users join/leave roles as they earn/lose certain points threshold.
* userpoints_role_exempt:
Exempts certain roles from earning userpoints. Useful for admin and
* userpoints_no_negative:
Prevents transactions that would cause accounts to be negative.
* votingpoints:
Adds a "rules" event for the votingapi "when user votes", and points are awarded accordingly.
* userpoints_flag:
Integrates userpoints with Flag API

Note that not all the modules above would be available for all Drupal versions, nor Userpoints API versions.

As of mid January 2008, all but one are available for 5.x-2.x, and one for 5.x-3.x. Porting to Drupal 6.x is happening one module at a time.

If you want a module ported, then please submit working and tested patches.

You can read a tutorial and some examples of how to write modules that use the 3.x API here.

License: Freeware

Related: points, Module, Users, userpoints, Modules, transactions, Nodes, Based, awarded, created, method, Download

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 41.0 KB

Downloads: 1

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The User Points Top Contributors module works with the User Points module to create blocks and pages that list the maximum points earned by contributors.

The module does the following:

* Creates a block and page that shows the community's Top Contributors.
* Creates a block and page that shows the community's Top Contributors in a defined period (like this week).
* Adds details links to the Top Contributors...

User Points User Picture awards points for adding a user picture to one's profile. It requires the User Points module and profile picture support to be enabled. The number of points and category are defined in the User Points settings.

Makes it possible for voting widgets (that leverage the Voting API) to hook into the User Points ecosystem. Sites using voting tools like Fivestar, Voting, or Latest and Greatest (to name a few) can now award their users points for voting.

User points Nodes and Comments utilizes the Userpoints Core module to grant points to a user when they post a node or a comment and/or moderate a comment.
What it does (features)

A configurable number of points can be awarded for...

Strongarm gives site builders a way to override the default variable values that Drupal core and contributed modules ship with. It is not an end user tool, but a developer and site builder tool which provides an API and a limited UI.


Patch manager provides a developer tool for managing patches to core and contributed modules.

Patching core or contributed modules introduces a host of maintainability problems when it comes time to upgrade.

* patch files...

The Mailman Groups module provides a level of integration between Organic Groups and Mailman mailing lists and complements the existing Mailman Manager and User mailman register modules.

This is a module that makes use of the User Points module API.

It allows you to "evaporate" user points from all your users over time, so they need to come back to your site and be active to keep accumulating more points

Releasemonitor is a Site Administrator Module that assists with keeping contributed modules up to date and summarizing their upgrade availability. The Release Monitor reads the current version information of enabled contributed modules from the...

Excluded Users is a helper module which allows administrators to select users not to appear in user listings by modules that know how to work with excluded_users. This should only be installed if you're using a module which knows how to work with...

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