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Virtual Exim for Email System Utilities 2.2.1
File ID: 91594

Virtual Exim for Email System Utilities 2.2.1
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License: Freeware
File Size: 225.3 KB
Downloads: 19
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Virtual Exim for Email System Utilities 2.2.1 Description
Description: Virtual Exim is a PHP and SQL based approach to hosting multiple email domains using Exim. Exim is used to collect mail for local users, and an SQL backend is used as a data store for users passwords, and other configuration information.

Virtual Exim provides a web interface for managing your email domains. It can support as many domains as Exim and your SQL database can handle.

Virtual Exim provides you with a interface to maintain your users and domains. You can delegate domain ownership to the respective owners, who can create and remove user accounts from their domains at will, and also allow their users to update their own passwords and mail preferences.

Many of the users and developers with Virtual Exim have been exposed to virtual domain management in some form. We've either used it for our own purposes or deployed it for our customers. We believe this gives us a good founding as to what is required at the various levels of e-mail domain management:
- Site management: where your administrators manage the addition and removal of customer domains.
- Domain management: where your customers manage the e-mail accounts and users in their domains.
- User management: where the users in each domain can control the flow of email to them as they see fit.
Each level has different requirements for different installations. Some people want users to be able to log in while others don't. Some require mail filtering while others leave this to the user's mail client.

Each feature we have added into Virtual Exim can be enable or disabled at each level; site managers can decide if domain managers can access the feature, and then domain managers can decide if the features is enabled for the user or not.

Feature List:

The list of features in Virtual Exim includes:
- Software integration:
- SpamAssassin
- Any Exim-compatible virus scanners
- Procmail or any other software which mail can be piped to
- MySQL or PostgreSQL backend database support through PearDB
- Translations into German, Romanian and Hungarian

- Site management:
- Add or remove local and relay domains in seconds
- Create "aliased" domains whose accounts redirect to mirror accounts on a master domain
- Enable and tune quotas for each domain
- Choose to use one system UID/GID per site, or a different UID/GID for each domain
- Apply limits to the number of accounts each domains can have
- Alpha menus to alphabetically sort and list domains on different pages

- Domain management:
- Create new POP/IMAP accounts, or aliases with ease
- Enable or disable any accounts or aliases on the fly
- Choose to enable a "catchall" account to receive mail for unknown domain accounts
- Create :fail: entries to forcable reject mail to individual addresses
- Optionally set quotas on mailboxes
- Add new admins to assist in domain management
- Alpha menus to alphabetically sort and list accounts on different pages
- Set quotas on user acocunt to any amount less than maximum given by the site admin

- User management:
- Users can change their own passwords
- If enabled, users can tune their own SpamAssassin score thresholds to tag, and to delete mail
- If enabled, users can choose to reject mail containing viruses
- Users can check their own quota thresholds

- E-mail filtering:
- Siteadmin can define if Anti-Virus or Spamassassin options should be availible to each domain
- If enabled for the domain, the domain admin can toggle Anti-Virus and Spamassassin options for each user
- User can also change thresholds at which to block potential Spam to suit there needs, enable/disable virus checking, and also set maximum message size limits for their inbound mail.
- Users can enter e-mail headers on which to block mail. This also allows the simple blacklisting of individual e-mail addresses
- Virtual Exim also allows users to set vacation messages while they are away on vacation. The inbound messages get delivered as normal, and their sender gets a custom reply which the user can create
- Users also have the option to forward all inbound e-mail to any other e-mail account

License: Freeware

Related: Domain, Users, Domains, accounts, Management, Email, Virtual, enabled, inbound, thresholds, Passwords, Create, quotas, virtual exim for email system utilities 2 2 1

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 225.3 KB

Downloads: 19

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