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Whatever Download 1.2.0
File ID: 96795

Whatever Download 1.2.0
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License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 15
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Whatever Download 1.2.0 Description
Description: Whatever Download - Download Everything with your Standard Browser Download Dialog (PDFs, Images, ...)

Basically, every link pointing to an image (in some browsers even PDF) open directly in the browser itself. If you want to download the image (or PDF) you can only do this by right clicking > Save file/target as ...

And this is where "Whatever Download" comes into play. With "Whatever Download" you can download any file with the default
browser download dialog without viewing them in the browser itself.

+++ UPDATE 28.12.2009 +++

Please update ALL older Versions as soon as possible!

There was a security Problem in older Versions which are fixed in Version 1.2.0!

+++ UPDATE 09.12.2009 +++

I've tested Whatever Download on a 1.5.15 Joomla. - Working fine.

One more comment to eaglegrafix's review:
- I haven't received an email from eaglegrafix... (I searched also in the Spam-Folder). Maybe it's a problem with his mail-cient? I've tried to send a mail to my mail-account myself and the mail arrived a few minutes later!
- "Seeking help on the forum resulted in suggestions that were exactly like the instructions." - which Forum?! I've searched at Joomlaportal and but no luck!

For Support Questions please use the Joomlaportal Thread!

I think the 1-Star-Rating is really unfair, cause i've tried it several times on diferent Joomla's and servers and the Plugins works fine everywhere! Surely the Problem is caused by eaglegrafix himself...

@eaglegrafix: Please use this mail adress to contact me again, so i can look into your problem:[at]

+++ UPDATE +++
Changes and new Features in 1.1.0:
- New Design
- Hover-Field with Informations about the attached File (Filename, Filesize, Filetype)
- The Option "name" is no longer used for the Filename! Now its used to define the Text of the Download-Button

Installation instructions:
1. Install using the Joomla plugin installer
2. Activate plugin
3. Create a Folder called "wdownloads" in Joomla-Root and put the files to download there
4. Call the Plugin:

{wd file=pathtofile name='buttontext'}

Sample Call:

{wd file=images/save.png name='Download the file save.png'}

- "file": no spaces and/or special characters! Underscores (_) and dots (.) are allowed
- For "file" no leading slash (/), see sample call above
- "name": Almost all (special) Characters are allowed - Quotes (') and double Quotes (") are NOT allowed!
- The value of "name" have to be between two single Quotes ('), no double Quotes (")!

Tested browsers:
- Firefox 3
- Internet Explorer 6
- Internet Explorer 7
- Internet Explorer 8
- Opera
- Safari for Windows

Language Support:
You can define your own Button Text, so the only Text to translate is the Description in the Hover-Field and the Error Message if the File is not found!

Hover-Field: It's just a simple image in /plugins/content/wd/
Error Message: Open wd.php in /plugins/cont

License: Freeware

Related: Download, Quotes, Explorer, quotnamequot, Internet, Image, Update, allowed, older, Versions, Double, Problem, i039ve, searched, eaglegrafix, quotfilequot, Special, joomlaportal

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 15

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Installation :

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