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WIKINDX for Scripts 3.6.4
File ID: 89033

WIKINDX for Scripts 3.6.4
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License: Freeware
File Size: 1.4 MB
Downloads: 2
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WIKINDX for Scripts 3.6.4 Description
Description: WIKINDX is a free bibliographic and quotations/notes management and article authoring system designed either for single use (on a variety of operating sytems) or multi-user collaborative use across the internet.


- 37 resource types.
- Multi-user mode - create and manage your own bibliographies drawn from the WIKINDX master bibliography and browse other users' bibliographies. (Must be enabled by the administrator.)
- Create user groups and user group bibliographies. (Must be enabled by the administrator).
- Save your own preferences.
- Enter/edit bibliographic resources.
- Add unlimited file attachments to each resource. (Must be enabled by the administrator.)
- Catalogue resources by categories and keyword(s).
- Enter/edit a general note about the whole resource.
- Enter/edit quotes and paraphrases from those resources.
- Enter/edit thoughts or musings on various aspects of a resource (can be private or public).
- Add keywords to resource metadata such as quotes, paraphrases and musings.
- Use BBCode in all textarea input.
- Cross-reference other WIKINDX resources from within quotes, paraphrases, musings, notes and abstracts.
- Edit keywords, creators, publishers and journals.
- Comprehensive search across all the above with highlighting of search terms using either Quick Search or Power Search.
- Reorder bibliographic lists by first creator, title, resource type, publisher, year of publication or timestamp.
- Select resources by category, keywords, creator, publisher etc.
- Browse all creators, publishers, collections, categories and keywords with font colour and size indicating frequency of occurrence.
- Unilimited primary creators, editors, translators and revisers, composers, agents, performers etc.
- Export bibliographic lists (optionally annotated) with a range of formatting options to Rich Text Format [RTF] files for easy insert into word processors.
- Export bibliographic lists to RIS for import to Endnote, Reference Manager, ProCite etc.
- Export an Endnote tabbed textfile.
- Export an Endnote XML file.
- Export bibliographic lists to BibTeX format.
- Cut 'n' Paste BibTeX entries to the database (amount limited by the administrator).
- View and export in seven bibliographic styles: Chicago, MLA, APA and Harvard, Turabian, British Medical Journal and IEEE.
- Write an article entirely within WIKINDX's WYSIWYG word processor, import metadata and chose the citation formatting prior to exporting the article to Rich Text Format [RTF].
- Run WIKINDX in core English or other languages (depending on administrator-installed language plug-ins).
- User-defined paging of long bibliographic lists.
- View all quotes, paraphrases and musings or a single random one.
- One-click return to last bibliographic list or single view.
- Store up to 20 bookmarks for quick return to single views and resource lists.
- Add resources to a temporary basket for viewing and exporting.
- Select a visual style.
- Design your own CSS templates for web browser display and integrate WIKINDX into your existing web site.
- Enable/disable multi-user mode, add users or allow user self-registration.
- Edit or create your own bibliographic and citation styles through with a web browser interface.
- Delete resources.
- Add custom text fields to resources.
- Manage users and resource categories.
- Merge keywords into one keyword.
- Importation of BibTeX (.bib) bibliographies.
- Importation of Endnote XML bibliographies.
- Import other bibibliographic formats (COPAC, ISI, Endnote tagged, RIS, PubMed and MODS) using plug-ins.
- Add general news items and optionally email the item to registered users.
- Optionally receive email notification of user registrations.
- Install non-English language localisations.
- Provide a RSS feed of latest additions and edits.
- WIKINDX has an architecture enabling the writing of plug-ins to expand its features.

License: Freeware

Related: bibliographic, Resource, Resources, Keywords, Lists, wikindx, bibliographies, endnote, Export, Quotes, Single, Administrator, enteredit, musings, paraphrases, enabled, Users, Article, bibtex

O/S:Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.4 MB

Downloads: 2

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