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World Community Grid - Widget 3.0
File ID: 98722

World Community Grid - Widget 3.0
Download World Community Grid - Widget 3.0http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 2
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World Community Grid - Widget 3.0 Description
Description: This plugin allows you to show your World Community Grid and statistics in the sidebar of your wordpress blog. The data will be updated once a day. The data base of this plugin is a xml-file, which is located here:


* Show your WCG badges/projects, statistics and your team in the sidebar of your blog
* You don't need HTML knowledge (use a template!)
* You can create and customize your individual WCG-Widget with HTML and over 25 tags (Upload your template for other users!)
* The widget works also if is down

Installation :

1. Unzip & Upload the directory world-community-grid-widget to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
2. The directory /world-community-grid/data/ must be writable & executable.
3. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
4. Configure the widget


There are the following input fields in the widget admin panel for the World Community Grid widget:

* Title - The title/topic of the widget
* WCG Member Name - Your World Community Grid member name
* WCG Verification Code - Your Verification Code from your profile
* Choose a template
* If you use no template: ** What HTML should precede the badge items - insert your HTML here, which will be shown above the badges. You can use these [1] tags. ** HTML of badge items - insert your HTML, which will be generate for every badge. These [2] tags can be used. ** What HTML should follow the badge items - This HTML will be shown below badges. You can use these [1] tags. ** x userfield for each project. If you don't want to use a userfield, empty the fields.


[1] (use these tags for What HTML should precede the badge items and What HTML should follow the badge items)

* [MemberName]
* [MemberID]
* [RegisterDate PHPDateFormat] - e.g. [RegisterDate Y-m-d] (Warning: no time available!!)
* [LastResult PHPDateFormat] - e.g. [LastResult d.m.Y H:i] (Warning: time available!)
* [NumDevices]
* [TotalRunTime] - in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
* [TotalRunTimeRank]
* [TotalPoints]
* [TotalPointsRank]
* [TotalResults]
* [TotalResultsRank]
* [AverageRunTimePerDay] - in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
* [AverageRunTimePerResult] - in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
* [AveragePointsPerHourRunTime]
* [AveragePointsPerDay]
* [AveragePointsPerResult]
* [AverageResultsPerDay]
* [TeamName]
* [TeamId]
* [TeamRetireDate PHPDateFormat] (Warning: no time available!!)
* [TeamJoinDate PHPDateFormat] (Warning: no time available!!)
* [TeamRunTime]
* [TeamPoints]
* [TeamResults]
* use tags like [TeamName|1] to get team name of your previous team, [TeamRetireDate|2 Y-m-d] for your penultimate team etc.

[2] (only available for HTML of badge items)

* [ProjectName]
* [ProjectShortName] - e.g. faah
* [ProjectResearchUrl] - URL to the project research site at WCG
* [BadgeDescription]
* [BadgePictureUrl] - URL of badge picture!
* [ProjectRunTime] - in years:days:hours:minutes:seconds
* [ProjectPoints]
* [ProjectResults]
* [UserField|1], [UserField|2] ... [UserField|n] (if fields are filled out in the widget admin panel)

License: Freeware

Related: Badge, items, Widget, yearsdayshoursminutesseconds, Template, phpdateformat, Warning, Directory, Plugin, World, Community, Verification, Panel, fields, Admin, precede

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 2

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