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Wp-Insert 1.7.3
File ID: 92328

Wp-Insert 1.7.3
Download Wp-Insert 1.7.3http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 10.0 KB
Downloads: 8
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Wp-Insert 1.7.3 Description
Description: WP-INSERT by Smart Logix : The ultimate wordpress plugin
Wp-Insert is the most powerful yet easiest to use wordpress ad management plugin which does a lot more than ad management.
Wp-Insert can manage your feeds, google analytics, blog editing and even make editing your themes easier for you.
All from within a well contained and easy to use interface.
Manage Ads (Completely Rewritten with a New and Powerful Interface)
Multiple Ad Network Support. (You can now run any ad-network along with adsense or any other network)
(Give the New Ad Manager a try)
In post ads - Allows you to insert your ads around and inside your content

* Allows copy/past of html, adsense and other ads code
* Insert Ads above the content
* Insert Ads below the content
* Insert Ads in the middle of the content (Automatically adjusts to the length of content eliminating ads on short posts)
* Insert Ads to the left of the post
* Insert ads to the right of the post
* Option to show/hide ads on Home Page
* Option to show/hide ads on Archive/Category/Tag Pages
* Option to fiter ads from specified posts/pages (With Popup picker for selecting the posts / pages)

Option to control each and every ad

10 ad widgets at your disposal

Go to the widgets page under "Appearance" and place the widgets onto the sidebars you want the ads to appear onto
* Option to style the Ads

Support for upto three different Ad networks all delivering at the same time

20 custom ad areas compatible with all themes.

Now insert Ads anywhere on your site.
* Indivigually control each ads.

Try different ad sizes and positions easily.

Run adsense ads along with yahoo, adbrite, chitika or any other ad network without interfering with the terms of each network.

Manage Privacy Policy

* Readymade Adsense Compatible privacy policy for your site.
* Create a Privacy policy page without even typing a Word.
* Assign Privacy Policy to an existing page or create one automatically.
* WYSIWYG Editor to finetune the Privacy Policy to your requirements.

Manage Terms and Conditions

* Readymade general Terms and Conditions for your site.
* Create a Terms and Conditions page without even typing a Word.
* Assign Terms and Conditions to an existing page or create one automatically.
* WYSIWYG Editor to finetune the Terms and Conditions to your requirements.

Manage Pages

* Reorder Pages using a drag and drop interface.

Manage Feeds

* Your logo in your feeds
* Insert Ads into feeds
* Link your feeds to feedburner (Experimental)
* Subscribe via Email widge
* Subscribe to feed widget

Manage Tracking Codes

* Insert Google Analytics tracking onto all you blog pages instantly
* Paste other tracking code into the header or footer of your blog

Manage WYSIWYG editing

* Replace TINY MCE with FCK EDITOR
* Disable auto formatting done by wordpress (Stops the annoying autoformatting done by wordpress. You can now write your posts as you intented to write it. Also allows you to paste in javascript etc easily into your posts/pages)
* WYSIWYG Category description Editor
* WYSIWYG Excerpt Editor

Syntax Highlighting

* Syntax HighLighting for theme editor
* Syntax Highlighting for plugin editor
* Different highlighting for different file types

All these features in an easy to use and novice user friendly interface which can still cater to the geekiest of webmasters.

License: Freeware

Related: Insert, terms, Content, Wysiwyg, option, conditions, Wordpress, Privacy, Feeds, Editor, adsense, widgets, Policy, Pages, posts, Editing

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 10.0 KB

Downloads: 8

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