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WP MediaTagger 3.1.1
File ID: 104315

WP MediaTagger 3.1.1
Download WP MediaTagger 3.1.1http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 1.2 MB
Downloads: 2
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WP MediaTagger 3.1.1 Description
Description: WP MediaTagger is an extensively configurable plugin and a superset of the former WP ImageTagger plugin. It provides all the tools required to categorize your WordPress blog medias by associating it to any defined tag or category. Among many features, it comes packed with a tagcloud widget that will make the process straightforward for everyone and will permit a transparent integration. Initially developped to tag medias under the WP ImageTagger denomination, WP MediaTagger now covers a much wider scope and will tag as well most of the medias widely used on the web.

In brief, this plugin extends the concept of post based taxonomy natively supported by WordPress toward an media based taxonomy.

The following functionalities are available for your blog after installing the MediaTagger plugin package :

<!--QuoteBegin--><!--QuoteEBegin-->* Associate tags to medias from the Tag Editor
* List all the medias of your site and associated tags in one central place to ease the tagging process with the Media Explorer
* Associate tags to medias from any post or page by clicking on your media captions
* Provide access to deep media search on any media associated to a list of tags, through a tag cloud, tag form or combined search display
* Select a display mode for your result page : itemized media list, thumbnail gallery, or media captions
* Any combination of search mode and result display style is possible
* Seamless integration in your sidebar thanks to the MediaTagger tagcloud widget, with direct connection to the media tagging database you just built
* The MediaTagger media taxonomy can optionally supersede the default post taxonomy
* Database integrity checkers are provided along with the fixing routines<!--spoiler_text_end--><!--/dp_spoiler-->

Willing to get a visual flavor of what's in the box ? You can see the MediaTagger plugin in action here, or have a look at screenshots there. French reading visitors will get additional insights on this plugin genesis page

Install :

To install the WP MediaTagger plugin just follow this simple 10-step recipe.

CAUTION : if upgrading from WP ImageTagger, backup your database, taking care to include the table wp_term_relationships_img and deactivate the ImageTagger plugin from the extensions administration page before activating WP MediaTagger (CRITICAL !). Refer to instructions at page bottom.

1. Download the plugin and expand it to an empty directory of your local disk drive.
2. Copy the local wp-mediatagger folder created by the unzipper onto your server plugins folder (wp-content/plugins/). Make sure you end up with all the PHP files, readme.txt and screenshots in wp-content/plugins/wp-mediatagger directory.
3. Login into the WordPress administration area and click on the Plugins left menu. Expand the Installed view.
4. Locate the MediaTagger plugin and click on the Activate link.
5. Make sure your blog already holds posts or pages with medias (medias or any other WordPress media).
6. Make sure you already created a list of tags for your blog.

Start associating your blog medias with any tag of your blog

License: Shareware

Related: result, itemized, Select, Display, combined, Thumbnail, Gallery, seamless, Sidebar, Style, combination, cloud, Tagging, Media, place, central, Explorer

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.2 MB

Downloads: 2

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