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WP Photo Album Plus 4.3.2
File ID: 97434

WP Photo Album Plus 4.3.2
Download WP Photo Album Plus 4.3.2http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.1 MB
Downloads: 2
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WP Photo Album Plus 4.3.2 Description
Description: This plugin is designed to easily manage and display your photo albums and slideshows within your WordPress site.

* You can create various albums that contain photos as well as sub albums at the same time.
* There is no limitation to the number of albums and photos.
* There is no limitation to the nesting depth of sub-albums.
* You have full control over the display sizes of the photos.
* You can specify the way the albums are ordered.
* You can specify the way the photos are ordered within the albums, both on a system-wide as well as an per album basis.
* The visitor of your site can run a slideshow from the photos in an album by a single mouseclick.
* The visitor can see an overview of thumbnail images of the photos in album.
* The visitor can browse through the photos in each album you decide to publish.
* You can add a Photo of the day Sidebar Widget that displays a photo which can be changed every hour, day or week.
* You can add a Search Sidebar Widget which enables the visitors to search albums and photos for certain words in names and descriptions.
* You can enable a rating system and a supporting Top Ten Photos Sidebar Widget that can hold a configurable number of high rated photos.
* Apart from the full-size slideshows you can add a Sidebar Widget that displays a mini slideshow.
* There is a General Purpose widget that is a text widget wherein you can use wppa+ script commands.
* Almost all appearance settings can be done in the settings admin page. No php, html or css knowledge is required to customize the appearence of the photo display.
* International language support for static text: Currently included foreign languages files: Dutch, Japanese, French(outdated), Spanish.
* Inrernational language support for dynamic text: Album and photo names and descriptions fully support the qTranslate multilanguage rules and have separate edit fields for all qTranslate activated languages.

Plugin Admin Features:

You can find the plugin admin section under Menu Photo Albums on the admin screen.

* Photo Albums: Create and manage Albums.
* Upload photos: To upload photos to an album you created.
* Import photos: To bulk import photos to an album that are previously been ftp'd.
* Settings: To control the various settings to customize your needs.
* Sidebar Widget: To specify the behaviour for an optional sidebar widget.
* Help & Info: Much information about how to...

Install :

Upgrade notice

This version is: Major rev# 2, Minor rev# 4, Fix rev# 4. If you are upgrading from a previous Major or Minor version, note that: * If you modified wppa_theme.php and/or wppa_style.css, you will have to use the newly supplied versions. The previous versions are NOT compatible. * If you set the userlevel to anything else than 'administrator' you may have to set it again. Note that changing the userlevel can be done by the administrator only! * You may have to activate the sidebar widget again.
Standard installation when not from the wp plugins page

* Unzip and upload the wppa plugin folder to wp-content/plugins/
* Make sure that the folder wp-content/uploads/ exists and is writable by the server (CHMOD 755)
* Activate the plugin in WP Admin -> Plugins.
* If, after installation, you are unable to upload photos, check the existance and rights (CHMOD 755) of the folders wp-content/uploads/wppa/ and wp-content/uploads/wppa/thumbs/. In rare cases you will need to create them manually.
* If you upgraded from WP Photo Album (without plus) and you had copied wppa_theme.php and/or wppa_style.css to your theme directory, you must remove them or replace them with the newly supplied versions.

License: Freeware

Related: behaviour, optional, Sidebar, Settings, Ftp, Import, previously, Information, minor, upgrading, previous, modified, major, Version, Install, Upgrade, noticethis

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 1.1 MB

Downloads: 2

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