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X-Files Components (TXDBGrid, TXQRGrid) 3.6
File ID: 36852

X-Files Components (TXDBGrid, TXQRGrid) 3.6
Download X-Files Components (TXDBGrid, TXQRGrid) 3.6Report Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 3.5 MB
Downloads: 338
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X-Files Components (TXDBGrid, TXQRGrid) 3.6 Description
Description: X-Files Components package contains four powerful advanced components (TXDBGrid, TXDBColumnsDialog, TXQRGrid, TXDBPrintColumnsDialog) designed for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8 & 2005 and C++Builder 5 & 6.TXDBGrid component is the functional extension of Borland's TDBGrid. TXDBGrid implements all standard TDBGrid's functions and the many additional, which are launched including new Options or by setting values for new properties. TXDBGrid is fully compatible with TDBGrid component on properties level and can be used as a replacement without losing existing values. TXDBGrid has its own ColumnEditor, which can fully support all new column's properties. TXDBGrid component is compatible with Windows XP platform and fully supports Windows XP Styles.TXQRGrid is a complementary component for TXDBGrid designed for dynamic report creation on the basis of TXDBGrid current settings. TXQRGrid component can print and preview the content of TXDBGrid component. TXQRGrid creates in run-time complete report in QuickReport format. The report can be automatically stretched or created as few parts (vertical bands) depend on selected paper size settings.TXDBColumnsDialog is a complementary component for TXDBGrid designed for grid columns management in run-time. User can show/hide selected columns in the grid by using convenient dialog which presents columns list with checkboxes.TXDBPrintColumnsDialog is a complementary component for TXDBGrid & TXQRGrid designed for selection printed columns in run-time. User can select columns that are printed by using convenient dialog which presents columns list with checkboxes.TXBlobField & TXGraphicField classes extend functionality of TBlobField & TGraphicField to achieve assignment compatibility between graphic BLOB field and TPicture class for another graphic formats. It allows directly using TImage, TDBImage, TQRImage, TQRDBImage with any graphic format stored in graphic BLOB fields (*.bmp, *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg and others supported by FieldGraphicClass).What's new in version 3.6 ?- Introduced new TXDBGridSettings class and Settings property- Support for saving and loading column layout to/from ini file - Support for saving and loading column layout to/from registry- Support for saving and loading column layout to/from stream- Support for saving and loading column layout to/from string- Main settings options: soLoadLayout, soSaveLayout, soUserSettings- Other settings options: soOrderFields, soLinesCount, soStretchMode- Support for saving and loading additional properties (OnLayout)- Some minor bugs fixedWhat's new in version 3.5 ?- Introduced drop-down calculator to edit numeric fields (cbsCalculator)- Introduced drop-down calendar for Date &amp DateTime fields (cbsCalendar) with (loShowToday, loShowTodayCircle, loShowWeekNumbers, OnCalcBoldDays)- Introduced drop-down data list for any field (LookupDataSet, LookupKeyField)- Extended drop-down list for lookup fields (LookupListFields)- Support for drawing *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg in TXDBGrid (from BLOB fields)- Support for drawing *.ico, *.wmf, *.emf, *.jpg in TDBImage (TXGraphicField)- Support for drawing *.png, *.gif, *.tif, etc. - Professional version only- Extended support for graphic BLOB fields (TXBlobField, TXGraphicField)- Support for printer page width matching (roAutoCalcPageWidth)- Support for hidden columns printing (roPrintHiddenColumns)What's new in version 3.4 ?- The package for <B>Delphi 2005</B> (.NET &amp Win32) is now available- Support for selected cell drawing (SelectCellColor)- Support for mouse wheel events (OnMouseWheelDown, OnMouseWheelUp)What's new in version 3.3 ?- Support for flat scrollbars (FlatSBMode, ScrollProp)- Enhanced scrollbars (AutoHidden, Color, Style, ThumbBar)- Support for expanded/contracted columns of any type (ExpandCols)- Enhanced expand button (ExpandStyle, cesDropDown, cesDropDownMenu)- Enhanced checkboxes adjusted to FixedStyle (CheckBoxStyle, CheckBoxKind)- Enhanced markers adjusted to FixedStyle (MarkerStyle, MarkerTransparent)- Enhanced drawing of hot buttons adjusted to FixedStyle (HotButtons)- Enhanced drawing of grid border adjusted to FixedStyle (Ctl3DAuto)- Enhanced drawing of list border adjusted to FixedStyle (ListBorder)- Enhanced drawing of focused cell in the grid (FocusRect)- Improved drawing of fixed cells for RightToLeft BiDiMode- Enhanced edit ButtonStyle (cbsDropDown, cbsDropDownMenu)- Improved edit ButtonStyle drawing adjusted to scrollbars- Improved drop-down list drawing (DropDownMenu, DropDownWidth)- Support for editor cell and list drawing (EditorColor)- Support for stripped rows drawing (StripeColor)- Support for selected rows drawing (SelectionColor)- Support for current row drawing (SelectRowColor)- Enhanced support for mouse wheel (WheelScrollRows)- Enhanced record moving (Position, GotoPosition, DataRowCount)- Enhanced columns resize (ResizeOptions, roOptimalWidth, roDefaultWidth)- Support for speed or quality drawing (DoubleBuffered)- Extended internal list of indicator images- Corrected and improved using of dgAlwaysShowEditor option- New column's dialog options for TXDBColumnsDialog (DialogOptions)- New report's dialog options for TXDBPrintColumnsDialog (DialogOptions)- Support for storing report to the file in many formats (SaveToFile)- Support for stripped rows printing by TXQRGrid (StripeColor)- Support for printer setup (PrinterSetup, roPreparePrinterSetup)- Support for printer settings (roKeepPrinterSetup, roKeepDesignPrinterSetup)- Support for preview settings (PreviewSettings)- Many, many little enhancemets and improvements has been implementedWhat's new in version 3.2 ?- The package for Delphi 8 for .NET is now available- Little changes in source code to unify all versions- RightToLeft BiDiMode example added to Demo1- RightToLeft BiDiMode support improved- ADT fields support improved (TXQRGrid)- PopupMenu handling bug fixed (TXDBGrid)What's new in version 3.1 ?- Support for vertical text alignment in XQRGrid's cells (roAllowVAlignment)- Automatic row height adjustment for all/selected columns (AutoRowHeight)- Automatic row height adjustment for vertical bands (roMultiPartRowHeight)- Fixed columns can be repeated on each report's vertical band (FixedCols)What's new in version 3.0 ?- The package for C++Builder 5 & 6 is now available- The package for Delphi 3 & 4 is no longer available- 100% compatibility between Delphi and C++Builder code- Included fully automatically installer/uninstaller- Support for Windows XP Style (IsGridThemed, FixedTheme, dgHotButtons)- Standard, XPStyle or user defined grid spacing (GridStyle, VisualStyle)- Proportional scrolling for any DataSet, even filtered (dgForceSequence)- Support for horizontal and vertical scrollbar tracking (dgThumbTracking)- AutoNumber for any DataSet, even filtered (AutoNumber, RecNumber, RecCount)- Many small changes and extensions to improve run-time code- SaveReport can now store report either as *.pas or *.cpp file- The report can be now autoprepared (PrepareNeeded, AfterPrepare)- TXQRGrid supports autonumbering (AutoNumber, RecordNumber, etc.)- New SysData values available in TXQRGrid (rdPageNoPerCount, etc.)- New components TXDBColumnsDialog, TXDBPrintColumnsDialogPlease follow at: to read more and look at screenshots.

License: Shareware

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File Size: 3.5 MB

Price: $79.90

Downloads: 338

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