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XMB (Extreme Message Board) 1.9.11
File ID: 42384

XMB (Extreme Message Board) 1.9.11
Download XMB  (Extreme Message Board) 1.9.11 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 408
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XMB (Extreme Message Board) 1.9.11 Description
Description: XMB 1.9.11 is officially finished and released today. This is simply the best XMB forum software ever made. It has more features, more stability, more security, and more translation support than any previous version.

What's New In 1.9.11

There is one new system requirement to install XMB 1.9.11: Servers must have MySQL version 4.1.7 or later.

The file attachment system allows multiple attachments per post, multiple simultaneous uploads, uploads during preview, [ file ] bbcode for attachment styling, automatic image thumbnail generation, client-side caching, private flat file storage, and several advanced settings. Attachments are displayed in post preview and printable thread views in addition to the normal thread view.

The language translation system is stored in the database and administered from the admin panel. This change enabled several bug-related improvements as well as easier hack installation and maintenance for multi-language boards.

24 total beta and stable translations are already available today in the first language pack for version 1.9.11.

New Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features include a robots.txt file, X-Robots-Tag server reponse headers, HTTP response status codes, rel canonical attributes in XHTML, and several URL namespace improvements. There is also a Sitemap Protocol addon available in the XMB Hacks forum.

New admin tools Fix Orphaned Polls, and Fix Orphaned Posts.

Moderator log items are displayed in thread view as mini-posts. Clear Logs affects admin panel items only.

Quick Jump menus and Search links are context-sensitive.

Quick Reply has a preview button.

Each post has a permalink that is displayed in thread view as well as new bbcodes [ rquote ] and [ pid ].

User authentication has been re-worked internally so that there are no conflicts between the user banning, IP banning, reg-only, and board status features. Unauthorized users will no longer appear in the Who's Online list.

Old Password is required to set New Password.

The subscriptions list is multi-paged.

A limited Search CAPTCHA capability has been added.

Admin Icons are themeable.

Members List is sortable by Location.

Member Status added to editprofile and editprofile links added to Members admin panel.

The registration form explains disallowed characters and case sensitivity.

Who's Online always shows members before guests.

IP Banning is disabled by default to improve efficiency.

The U2U Popup Alert and MySQL Error Logging hacks have been integrated.

Over 100 documented bug fixes can be found in the official Change Log

Upgrading XMB

XMB 1.9.9 & 1.9.10 - Our newest and most up-to-date webmasters will enjoy the most flexibility. XMB 1.9.11 comes with a folder named "upgrade" that can be copied to your server along with all of the new XMB files. The PHP script in this folder will update the database and templates for your board. Webmasters of very large boards, customized installations, and any other advanced webmasters are encouraged to use the folder named "upgrade-alternative" instead. The alternative PHP script is much more effecient and will not touch any data added by mods or hacks. Of course, the "diff & patch" upgrade option will also be available separately from the support forums. Please remember to backup all files and tables before attempting any type of upgrade.

XMB 1.9.5 - 1.9.8 - Direct upgrades to version 1.9.11 are possible by copying all of the new files to your server and using the PHP script included in the "upgrade" folder.

XMB 1.9.1 - 1.9.4 - Experience has proven that direct upgrades from these versions are unreliable. Please upgrade to version 1.9.5 before attempting to use newer software.

XMB Older Versions - Incremental upgrades are required. Please visit the technical support forum to get help planning your upgrade.

License: Freeware

Related: message board, Software, Bbs, bulletin board, Php, Mysql, xmb, bb

File Size: 1.3 MB

Downloads: 408

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