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Xtreme Locator Dealer Locator Plugin 1.0
File ID: 97092

Xtreme Locator Dealer Locator Plugin 1.0
Download Xtreme Locator Dealer Locator Plugin 1.0http://wordpress.orgReport Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 102.4 KB
Downloads: 7
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Xtreme Locator Dealer Locator Plugin 1.0 Description
Description: Xtreme Locator is the premiere dealer locator software, zip code locator software, store locator software in the industry.

Xtreme Locator is packed full of features that surpass all of the other dealer locators combined and all or our features are included in our basic package.

The Xtreme Locator WordPress plugin is designed to easily deploy the Xtreme Locator dealer locator application into your WordPress website.
Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin Features

* Total integration into the WordPress content structure.
* Widget search box.
* Three search result styles; 1) Text location data with Map-It link to open a location map in a popup window, 2) Text location data with a location map and magnifying glass icon to open location map in a popup window and 3) Text only results.
* Three standard search form types; 1) Zip Code text box, 2) Zip Code text box and Distance text box and 3) Country dropdown selection list with postal code text box.
* Advanced Search form.
* Location List - shows all of your locations.
* All Locations Map - Provides you with the ability to display a map of all your locations represented by icons.
* CSS control.
* Login form to login to your Xtreme Locator Control Panel directly from your WordPress admin area to manage your location data.

Xtreme Locator Features

Access our Administrative Control Panel from any Web Browser allowing easy management of your entire Xtreme Locator application. Features include:

* Location Manager - The management module used to add and edit individual dealer location records.
* Custom Fields - Create an unlimited number of custom fields to add products, location types, etc. *Location Administrators - Provide credentials for additional administrators to login to manage assigned locations. Use this feature to allow regional managers to make modifications to only their assigned locations or to allow individual location owners to update their information!
* Statistics Reporting - Provides you with real time reporting showing you the the geographical areas your customers are searching for, providing invaluable marketing tools.
* Sales Territory Handling - Assign sales territories to your locations using Zip Codes, Range of Zip Codes, States and/or Countries. Territories override distance search to allow for one regional rep to support multiple regions.
* Priority Location Handling - You can designate certain locations to show up first on any search.
* Import & Export - Import all of your location data from your dealer database to quickly get up and running. Export this data for easy location review.

Worldwide Support

Xtreme Locator can handle your locations all around the world. We provide geocodes for street level locating in over 25 countries. All other countries supported via Country/City level searching. More street level locating coming online soon.

Install :

To install the Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin:

* Download the plugin.
* In your WordPress control panel, go to Plugins >> Add New
* Click the Upload link.
* Click the Browse button to find the plugin on your computer.
* Click the Install Now button.
* Click the Activate button.

Now go to the Xtreme Locator Plugin control panel >> Settings and enter your Account ID.
Deploying the Xtreme Locator WordPress Plugin:

To deploy Xtreme Locator on your website you simply paste one of the following codes into the body of your webpage:

* Standard Search: [Xtreme-locator-standard]
* Advanced Search: [Xtreme-locator-advanced]
* All Locations Map: [Xtreme-locator-all]
* All Locations List: [Xtreme-locator-listing]
* Widget: Drag the Xtreme Locator widget to the location of your choice to deploy it.

License: Freeware

Related: Location, locator, Locations, Wordpress, Xtreme, dealer, Search, Software, Level, Control, Panel, types, Popup, Window, Manage, Login

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 102.4 KB

Downloads: 7

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