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Zapatec AJAX Grid for XML Tools 1.1
File ID: 77142

Zapatec AJAX Grid for XML Tools 1.1
Download Zapatec AJAX Grid for XML Tools 1.1 Error Link
License: Shareware
File Size: 4.0 MB
Downloads: 15
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Zapatec AJAX Grid for XML Tools 1.1 Description
Description: The Zapatec AJAX Grid presents tabular data in a flexible manner while providing ways for the user to slice and dice the information without communicating with the server.

- Sorting for various data types
Click on the header of a column to sort it. Sorting is available for various types including alphanumeric, integrs, dates, floating point numbers and more.
- Limit the displayed rows
Slice and dice your data using a variety of controls.
- Custom layout
In addition to the default table based layout, you can use a callback to display the data in any layout.
- Various load sources
Load the data from a HTML table, XML or JSON.
- Paging
Provide paging to control how many rows are displayed at one time.
- CSS Based Themes
The Datagrid look is controled via CSS. Choose from existing themes, or create your own.
- Controls and Filters
Automatic Controls and Filters can be defined to allow the user to have custom views of the data set in the grid.
- Export Grid
You can export the grid to a flatfile format. Useful to create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) to import into Excel.
- Query Modifications
Client Side queries can be performed to change the data set. Useful to change the data on the client and submit changes to server.
- Migrate Legacy Tables to Next Generation Grid
There is a set of methods which allows you to migrate your legacy TABLES to the next generation Zapatec Datagrid. That is, you can migrate using ONLY the client side Zapatec Datagrid. This allows you to preserve your SERVER code.
- Grid Cell Presentation
You can dynamically change the presentation of each cell in the grid. The cell presentation is separate from its internal value. That is, all sorting and data aggregation are preserved. Also, you can dynamically change the style for each cell of the grid.
- Charts
Create next generation charts. For example, you can use Macromedia Flash Player which creates FusionCharts
- Scrolling and Column Headers
You can have the Zapatec Grid scroll vertically and horizontally. This is similar to the Window Freeze Panes option in Excel.

License: Shareware

Related: zapatec, Change, Datagrid, migrate, Create, Controls, Generation, displayed, Client, Sorting, Excel, Layout, Dynamically, Table, Presentation, zapatec ajax grid for xml tools 1 1

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 4.0 MB

Downloads: 15

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