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Zero Point 7.x-1.1
File ID: 97943

Zero Point 7.x-1.1
Download Zero Point 7.x-1.1 Error Link
License: Freeware
File Size: 409.6 KB
Downloads: 2
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Zero Point 7.x-1.1 Description
Description: Zero Point is an advanced theme developed by Dr. Radut to be ideal for a wide range of sites. It contains the same kinds of features you'll find in our other Drupal themes, plus many more.

The theme validates XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS 2, and it is cross-browser compatible; works perfect in Firefox, IE 6, IE 7, IE8, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome.

Live demos of different sub-themes and variations at: ECOimm, Boaz Broker, to name a few.
Layout features

* 1, 2, or 3 column layout with adaptive width based on "The Jello Mold Piefecta Layout";
* 17+1 collapsible block regions;
* 7 colour styles;
* built-in IE transparent PNG fix;
* jQuery CSS image preload (optional);
* Fixed / Variable width sidebars (optional);
* Round corners for page elements and primary menu (optional);
* Block icons (optional);
* Page icons (optional);
* SuckerFish Drop-down primary links menu (optional);
* Primary links menu position (center, left, right);
* Helpful body classes (unique classes for each page, term, website section, browser, etc.);
* Full breadcrumb;
* Works perfect in Multilingual installations.

Advanced theme settings features

Layout settings

* Style - Choose a colour palette from 7 options: Zero Point (default), Sky, Nature, Ivy, Ink, Sangue and Lime. More colour options to come.
* jQuery CSS image preload - Choose a colour.
* Sidebars layout - Fixed width sidebars or variable width sidebars.
* Rounded corners - Option to have rounded corners in all browsers but IE.
* Block icons - Choose between none, 32x32 pixel icons and 48x48 pixels icons.
* Page icons - Choose a layout with or without page icons.
* Menu style - Two-level Static or SuckerFish drop-down menu.
* Menu position - Center, left or right.

General settings

* Mission statement - Display mission statement only on front page or on all pages;
* Display Breadcrumb;
* Username - Display "not verified" for unregistered usernames;
* Search results - Customize what should be displayed on the search results page.

Node settings

* Author & date - display author's username and/or date posted;
* Taxonomy terms - How to display (or not) vocabularies and category terms.

Search engine optimization (SEO) settings

* Page titles - Format the title that displays in the browser's title bar;
* Meta tags.

License: Freeware

Related: width sidebars rounded, width sidebars optional, website section browser, adaptive width, page icons, collapsible, strict, point default, vocabularies category, verifiedquot unregistered, unique classes, transparent png fix, rounded, unregistered username

O/S:BSD, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X

File Size: 409.6 KB

Downloads: 2

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