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ASP Guestbook is an easy to use web-based guestbook.

- added verification to prevent automated spam entries
- Simple to install and use.
- Multiple language support.
- Easy to integrate into your website.
- Allow or disallow HTML in your guestbook.

A free and fully customisable Guestbook coded in ASP.NET using C#.
It uses xml as its Database so people who do not have acess to any database on their servers can use this guestbook.
Also the files are fully commented to explain the...

This is a simple guestbook with no bells and whistles!

It is EZ to customize to fit your site and installation is a snap.

You can edit entries and ban the IP's of spammers. You can use it on multiple sites with the option of...

Functional, easy to install and use. The guestbook features must be all these.

The guestbook isn't only a tool that allow your users to mark their visit leaving a comment, but it's a chance, given to webmaster, to interact with users,...

This is a guestbook application written in ASP that uses an Access database. The code is very clean and this is very easy to customize to look however you want it to.

Features of this guestbook
- Emoticon Support NEW
- Cycles...

This easy-to-use Free Guestbook allows your visitors to post messages on your site. This script uses a Microsoft Access 2000 database.

The Access database is provided. This script will work for IE and Netscape 4 browsers and above.

This script is a simple Guest Book. It shows how to connect to a database, and page the results.

This example gives you a nice starting point for any database application you might want to create yourself as it has good examples of...

Smart Guest Book is a free Flash and ASP guest book for your website.

Why do you need the Smart Guest Book?
- Get valuable feedback from your visitors - Many people are put off by a slow and uninteresting guestbook. Make your...

we- Guest Book V.3 is a multi-platform compatible script that features new date function. Message approval has been added. Announcement add has been added. Private Message system has been added to admin panel. ICQ Online state has been added....

Uguestbook 1.0 is a Windows compatible script that includes:Toolbar to add emoticons and formatted text to the messages; Message archive;Notify via email to the administrator the publication of new message;Icq Messanger; Password protected control...

Uguestbook includdes, toolbar to add emoticons and formatted text to the messages, message archive, notify via e-mail to the administrator the publication of new messages, ICQ Messenger, password protected control system, edit/delete messages,...

Skgb (sk Guestbook) is a multi-platform compatible ASP guestbook that uses a text file to store posts. It doesn't have heaps of features like some PHP and MYSQL supported guestbooks, but it does provide advanced auto-page generation, etc, and all...

Sign Here Guestbook is a Windows compatible guestbook with message text formatting: bold text, urls, converting special character combinations to icons, web-based administration, remove and edit messages, post replies, set number of messages per...

This is a guestbook script which allows the users to add comments about different sites in guestbook. This program has the ability to display the guestbook entries along with their post date and post time on websites. This script shows number of...

Written entirely in ASP and VBScript, The Ocean12 ASP Guestbook Manager is a completely web-based, easy to install, ASP Guestbook Program. It stores data in an Access 2000 database and is configured 100% through the web browser, which means an...

This is a guestbook program where the users can post messages about various topics on the guestbook. The posted comments can be viewed with post date, post time, operating system etc of the users. The admin have the ability to modify and delete...

This is a guestbook script where the users can add messages on the guestbook. The admin have rights to edit and remove the unwanted entries made by the users in the guestbook. The users can select the number of comments to be viewed per page. The...

Free simple guestbook with easy setup and configuration which comes with feature rich functionality. Online demo available.

This program allows webmasters to build and manage a guestbook on their websites. This program requires no database to create a guestbook and uses HTML to collect and store the data in a text file. This program has all basic functionalities of a...

This is a guestbook script where the users can give comments about any website. The admin have the ability to remove and modify the unwanted entries made by the users on the guestbook. The users can view the comments on the website. The users...