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This trouble ticketing system has been written in PERL5 and allows ISP's to track various service related problems. This is used by businesses and individuals to track problems in some types of products or services.

Webchatter Live is a multi-platform compatible script that lets you find out who is on your web site and talk to them. Any time a new person enters your web site, you'll be notified. Runs through your web browser!

Trouble ticket software with a simple yet powerful help desk. It features correspondence tracking, email alerts, unlimited operators and highly customizable HTML and email templates.

This is an online customer support tool which is used by webmasters on their website to communicate with their site visitors by sending and receiving messages. It uses POP3 account for transferring email messages. This script contains several...

OTRS is an open source ticket request system and has a number of features to manage customer telephone calls and e-mails. It allows all departments such as support, sales, pre-sales, billing, internal IT, helpdesk etc. to respond speedily to...

iTrack Web Interface offers an option to the customers to submit incidents from their web browsers. Each question is allotted a unique number that can be tracked to assess progress. The submitted questions are emailed to the visitor as well as...

This perl application has been designed for Helpdesks and Support Centers and assists them in organizing their email communication with customers. It allows you to assign user-id for a mail to track down how often a user asks for help. It also...

This script queues customer inquiries and forwards each ticket via email to the operator that first claims ownership over it. A solution for service agents that do not have a permanent connection to the Internet or prefer corresponding with...

The Faq-O-Matic is a CGI-based system that automates the process of maintaining a FAQ. It allows visitors to your FAQ to take part in keeping it up-to-date. A permission system also makes it useful as a help-desk application, bug-tracking...

A simple script to help create and maintain a web page FAQ list. You write the questions and answers and it deals with the menu options and formatting of pages. Can be customized through templates.

Customer Tracking System 1.0 is a multi-platform compatible script that lets customers submit their request and you get E-Mail notifications in order to respond to your customers. A simple and Colorful way of tracking Customer Requests with an...

The customer tracking system is a Perl based helpdesk system which helps you to serve your customer requests quickly and effectively. The main features of the script includes email notification on new requests submitted by the user, colored status...

Website is in German. Supportsystem is a customer support system that is ticket based. For each question, a user is issued a ticket that can be traced at any time. These questions are mailed to the admin who addresses these...

Build your FAQ and knowledge database. This program is search engine friendly, allows you to create multiple categories, sort categories and questions in any order and use your own templates. Comes with an admin panel, extensive documentation and...

Helpdesk XP does not use "Assign/Completed" to segregate tickets. Closing of tickets is not needed. Past tickets are automatically placed at the bottom of the ticket list while newest tickets are placed on top. Also, active tickets (old...