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WebGrams 1.I
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MySQL Postcard System 2.I
Music Greetings 2.0
Midi-Card 1.0
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Jason's Postcards Pro 3.II
Jason's Postcards 1.III
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PostCard Pro LE 1.III
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@card Me - Greeting Card 2002.2
Midi-Card 1.0
PostCard 56028.2134
@poem 2002 2.0
Postcard system 1.0
BIS Postcard 1.0b6
adv E-Cards 1.0
poem 2002 2.0
AnyEcard 1.0
Virtual Greeting Card Server Script 2.I
CardBoard 2.4
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WebGrams is a perl constructed ecard tool which does functions on internet based systems. This script helps the visitors to send their selected cards to their family, friends and so on. Users can customize the background colors and text color as per their desire. Users are required to fill up all given input fields to mail their postcard. Gallery module contains pictures in large numbers. Working examples are given for this script.

Virtual Greeting Card Server Script is adaptable for smaller upto larger websites to include a postcard system on their sites to enable their visitors to send picture cards to other people. Email address supports TLDs with four characters....

Postcard system written in Perl. The data is stored in a MySQL database, and CRON is used for the option to send the email on some future date.

PostCard Pro LE is constructed on perl scripting language through which webmaster can include a greeting card module on their websites and the visitors can utilize the in-built features with sending postcards. Database stores the detail on senders...

MySQL Postcard System is a collection of perl modules which provides a high featured greeting card module. Using this script users can set emails with pictures to be sent on a particular date to other persons where the appropriate email will be...

Send free MP3s to friends and family with cool images. Includes many songs in all genres and images to choose from for all occasions. The HTML pages may be customised to match your site.

This script allows visitors to send Postcards to a friend, while increasing your exposure on the web. With each postcard sent from your site, you are guarenteed to increase traffic to your site, which may mean more profits.*

Jason's Postcards is written on perl script which offers lot of features to send e-greeting cards in an easier way. Pictures are available in numerous numbers under several categories and lets the visitors to select their desired card to send to...

Includes an auto thumbnail and image resizing feature. Just dump them into a folder and you are done. Unlimited images and categories.

DimensionPost Lite has perl modules which gives useful features to manage greeting card module on internet based systems. HTML code can be edited to suit to your needs. Simple table format lets you input required data with one form itself. When...

BNB Virtual Cards is a Unix compatible easy to install and customize virtual card script. Supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi music, card preview, background colors and images, text colors and more. Old cards are...

Easy to install and customize virtual card script. Supports an unlimited number of card creation pages, midi music, card preview, background colors and images, text colors and more. Old cards are automatically purged.

Still being improved. Allows users to compose a postcard from your images and supports HTML. Simple, quick interface.

@Poem is created on perl classes that enalbes the visitors on a website to send poems with mails. Music format can be attached with poems. Users can set their own emoticons and smiling icons with message. Previewing and editing can be done before...

@Card ME is an online greeting purchasing system which is powered on perl programming. Admin supports users / members for secured login and helps them to buy cards and send them via emails. Mail support multiple recipients. Categories can be...