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Wizard Powered Search Engine 2.0
WebSearch 1.11
Webdev Search Engine 1.0
Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Speed Search 1
Smart Search Free 1.0
Site Search software by 5
SimpleSearch 1.0
Simple Site Searcher 3.24
SillySearch 2.3
Shakka Search 1.4
SearchStar 1.7-s
Searchhalo Pay-Per-Click Search Engine 2.0
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Perlfect Search 3.0
MP3 Search 5.04
Vee and DA's MAdEnGIne 1.0
Hukilau Search Engine 1.01
Done-Right Bid Search Engine 2.0
SearchStar 1.7-s
Fluffy Search
Fluid Dynamics Search Engine
Borgo's search engine
FreePPC 1.0
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WebSearch 1.11
pssSearch 2.5
Web Directory SQL Search Engine 2.0
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Madengine is a non-spidering robot driven search engine, which accesses a list of admin defined URLs. Madengine returns the URL, link, and line from the page on which the string was found to a query string. Madengine is a good choice for a small database real search script, and includes an auto-update feature if configured via cron.

This script uses a fast search method, is very compact, and is easily configurable. A script manual is included in the download set.

This script lets you run a feature-packed, easy to use, pay-per-click search engine on your website.

A light and quick search engine, best used with small web sites. The pages for crawling are defined in a text file.

Searches through a directory on your website for pages containing words that the user enters into a form. Users can search for all words or any one word. Results are ranked by how many terms were found in the page.

SHAKKA! Search is your own search engine. It's perfect for smaller sites. The entire program takes up about 50k and each datafile takes up under 1k. The add url portion of the suite writes individual html or text files to a sub-directory, and...

Complete solution featuring keyword targeted banner rotation, force selected urls to top of results, preview site, creates mailing list and includes bulk mailer, simple setup.

A search script for medium sites that uses MySQL. Works with different languages. Files can be indexed via the local filesystem or HTTP. User-configurable list of stopwords, template driven output and searching options.

Simple but powerful search engine with many features including a platform independent binary index, template driven output, local filesystem indexing, and more.

A fast search engine for large text collections. It uses a platform independent binary index and is able to work with 1-2 Gb of text. Includes a boolean search, template driven output, and file/directory exclusion.

Perlfect Search is powerful and versatile site indexing and searching software freely available under an open source licence. Version 3.0 uses an advanced document vector model algorithm and is higly optimized in memory utilization making it...

Simple Search takes a specified list of files and searches each page for the keywords which users specify. It also includes boolean options, allowing for AND/OR searches as well as Case Sensitivity.

A search program with easy setup and installation. Includes a built-in control panel and help files. Specify directories to be included in the search, types of files to be searched, and which files you want excluded from the search.

Fast and highly configurable search engine and web site indexer. Features include: boolean search, file and directory exclusion, customizable templates, sort results by matches, score, date or file size, highlight query terms in results and much...

ICE is an easy to install software package for indexing World Wide Web archives. By installing it as a CGI gateway under your Web server, users can perform searches on the Web servers document space. ICE even searches META tags!

Supports HTML headers/footers for easy customization, and pulls search results from and It utilizes CSS to hide the affiliate URL. It also offers free installation.

A search engine featuring word highlighting, section exclusion, and the ability to pair found pages with the correct frameset.

Supports HTML headers/footers for easy customization and pulls search results from a local datafile, and from Utilizes CSS to hide the affiliate URL and offers free installation.

Sol says, "This search engine will traverse your entire HTML directory tree for matches to a client-defined keyword, preparing a dynamiclly generated HTML page with hyperlinks to hits."

This search includes three different style settings and optional use of SSI. Admin panel allows you to specify files/directories to ignore. The search is keyed off both the body of the document and the meta tags.