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Tell Somebody 2 I.32
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Show your visitors how many people are on your site now or at any given page. This script can be used with or without SSI.

Tell Somebody 2 is a reccommend a friend program. This helps webmasters get the word out about their websites, therefore increases more traffic to the websites. /

Recommend is a perl script to suggest your webpages to your site visitors friends, clients or customers and families. This tool validates the email address and then allow the visitors to send the message. This is an useful tool for webmasters and...

Perl TreeView tliste is a data viewing program that presents the data structure in a file in a tree like menu. This program can also list data in a database for users. Users can customize this software into their active websites.

A customizable recommendation (tell-a-friend) script that allows visitors to suggest your Web site to their friends.

Master Web Page Mailer is site recommendation software written using perl. This online software is used for your site visitors to send your contents to their friends. This tool allows you to determine which part in the website is mailed often to...

Master Recommend is a perl script which allows your site visitors to send mail to their associates and friends regarding your site. This increases the traffic and hits. This tool protects your visitor from spamming and blasting. The email sent to...

Allows users to navigate a Web site by selecting the area they want to go to from a select box.

This one of those absolute awesome traffic building site scripts. Everyone bookmarks these sites and most send the URL to friends. No matter what you are promoting, this can make getting surfers to your sponsors a LOT easier. / You have seen these...

Combines postcard with link forwarder. View the statistics with your favorite RSS reader. Protects against invalid URL's (won't link to outside hosts), basic validation of message text (no URL's or e-mail addresses), shortens long URL's to...

EZREFPG - Easy Referral Page Generator is a site recommendation script. This script is written using perl and it is used to generate referal page for your website, where your site visitors can post any comments about your site to their friends...

Expanding Menus is a perl script to built an expandable menus for your website. It is developed using templates. It generates heirarchical menu by expanding and collapsing the files in the directory. It has many features, it handles the simplified... is a script to build an index page from other files of HTML format already present in the folders or directories. The output can be redirected and can be renamed. This is an useful tool for the webmasters and the web owners and also...

Cougaindex alternate layout designer for your directories. From the index file you created you are allowed to delete / add / upload your pages. This tool will display what you have on your download directory. This tool has enhanced features like,...

This tell-a-friend script can be used for any email function. /

This is an online software to increase your site traffic. This script allows your site visitors to post or comments anything to their friends or associates. This script makes your site visitors to stay in the same window. Using this script you...

Bird Cast is a perl script to recommend your site to your visitors friend or relative to bring them to your site. It will increases your website traffic and gets more hit. You can add unlimited number of recipients, quick note can be added with...

This site recommendation program will help you to encourage your site visitors to send recommendation mails to their friends from your website. This program can automatically generate HTML mail forms on which you can add your own affiliate codes,...

Advocat is a site recommendation perl script to refer your site content or images or any other stuff from your site to the others through your site visitors. This script will generate more traffic to your websites and increases more and more hits....